Friday, December 3, 2010

'nother scarf

I finished the Color Waves reversible scarf a few minutes ago. Finished size is 6" x 56".

I did not want fringe so I sewed in the tails and added a sc edging on each end.

I chained 176, which is a multiple of 5  + 1. The pattern specified multiple of 5 at one point and 5 + 1 at another. The latter is correct, but if you miscount, you can always add on to the end similar to when you work the foundation double crochet. If you find it longer than you want, you can always cut off some - just make sure you leave enough of a tail, particularly if you want the fringe effect.

It's a very simple pattern, 5 sc, 5 dc. On the last row I worked hdc in the sc and sc in the dcs. That "evened" it out some (though it's not a perfectly straight edge) so the first and last rows would match. That's not in the pattern and not necessary, but just what I chose to do.

I worked one row of sc, 15 alternating rows of turqua and blue, and the last row as noted above and it is just a tiny tad over 6".

Masters Course news - I received a note from my reviewer that she received my swatches. She estimated a month for the review, though that is just an estimate as there could be some I need to redo and mail to her which would take extra time.

I still have a bit more yarn in these colors, but I haven't decided whether I want to go with the lacy scarf or something else. I rather liked the one I did the other day with the filet in the center. :-) I have the beginnings of a cold and a pulled muscle in my back, so my mind is fuddled. I will think on these things tomorrow (shades of Scarlett O'Hara!) ...

Happy crocheting!

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