Thursday, June 21, 2012


The squares I showed you a while back have been put together into an afghan.

The square pattern used is my daughter's cross-stitch square. I worked 6 rounds using the cross-stitch part of the pattern. The colors used here are Annie's Choice linen and mink brown, I Love This Yarn light peach and turquoise, Vanna's Choice rust and beige.

I chose the peach to go next to the all beige section where the name is because I thought it gave a bit of balance with the peach in the center and then one at each corner. I really liked all the colors in this ghan but particularly the peach and turquoise.


Squares were assembled using the continuous join - in the cross-stitch - with an additional round of beige, also in the cross-stitch, for edging. Yes, I really like the cross-stitch! :-)

I think the finished afghan was about 44" x 72". It fit nicely on a twin size bed.

I've done a bit more of the Season 18 Doctor Who scarf but no pictures yet. I got sidetracked making heart squares.

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who S18 scarf

Lots happening in my crochet world.

I recently purchased yarn to make a Doctor Who Season 18 scarf. One set of colors recommended at is Lion Brand Jiffy - Chili, Paprika and Grape. I purchased those as well as the Red Heart Soft colors in the worsted list (Paprika, Wine, and Grape) although the Wine is said to be a little too red. This yarn was easy to find and purchase.

I started out working with the Jiffy.

I was not enjoying the work for some reason. I didn't feel confident that the end product would be one I'd want to wear. Jiffy is a brushed acrylic yarn and it's a little hard on my hands though it flowed through the L hook nicely. Sometimes a project just doesn't feel right at the time, but later on it might gel for me.

I decided to put that one aside and try working with the Red Heart Soft.

The camera does not give an accurate picture of the yarn colors. I've gotten about the same amount done on both of these scarves at that point.

I plan to continue working with the RH Soft although I can't say I'm totally pleased with the way this is working out either. Part of the problem is that the Season 18 scarf has all those one-row color changes. What I'm doing is carrying the unused color on those rows not to have a zillion tails to sew in afterward. It does seem like the colors don't all work up the same though each row has the same number of stitches. This could be my imagination. Just the mood I'm in. (Could have something to do with the constant whining - literally - that is coming from the plant near my house. It's very loud and consistent. It never stops.)

I typed up the row counts using the pictures at Witty Little Knitter and Doctor Who Scarf. The two sites were very very close in numbers. On the spots where there are multiple rows in one color, there might be say 11 on one and 12 on the other. They were never more than one row difference and I am not bothered by that.

I took a chance and ordered the yarn amounts specified at WLK even though they were for a different yarn. There are no amounts listed at DWS for that particular yarn. We'll see if that was a wise move if I make it all the way to the end. This is a HUGE scarf. Very long.

Because I don't see myself making more than one of these, I used a shorter foundation chain so I can wear it if I so choose. (ch 25). Remembering that the original scarf was knitted and I am crocheting it, I am using the lower number, which I think is the ridge, not row, count. Each ridge is 2 rows in knitting if I'm getting that right. That procedure seemed to work well last time.

I'll keep you posted on this project.

In other news, I never did show you a picture of the egg hooks I had waiting for me when I returned from vacation.

First, this is the I hook I already had.

Then I purchased  H, J and L.

I would have taken a picture of all of them together but my I hook is hiding from me at the moment.

Kudos to Jimbo. These hooks are delightful!

I also finished the latest (and probably last for a while) ribbonghan. I made this one with 12 squares, all ribbons.

I used a J hook for the foundation chain, an I hook for the body, and an H hook for the edging. The edging consists of one round of sc followed by one round of (sc, ch 2, 2 dc, sk 2).

Finished size of this ghan is about 40" x 54". It's pictured on a queen size bed.

I think that is all for now. I have photos of the beachghan which is winging its way to the recipient and will post those later in the week.

Happy crocheting!