Thursday, September 22, 2011

60 Scarves in 60 Days challenge

I've been so busy with... well, everything... that I forgot to keep track of my scarves for Dee's challenge. If you've never participated, you might like to have a look at the blog post about the 60 Scarves in 60 Days challenge. Once again, the dates are actually 90 days (Sept. 1 to Nov. 30). You can make any scarf pattern and donate it to whatever cause you wish. There is a Ravelry group (link in the blog post) where counts are kept, but if you are not on Ravelry that is not a problem.

I enjoy doing challenges. I guess I am competitive by nature. :-) In any case, many good causes are helped by this one so if you like to make scarves, this is your chance to hop on the bandwagon.

I went back through my September posts and found 7 scarves made since the 1st. As you know, those are going to the Special Olympics. I also made the Doctor Who scarf, but that does not count as that was for myself, not a charity. The scarves that are counted must be donated to a charity.

You can post photos or a link on the Ravelry group if you want to.

If you don't know where to donate them, here are a few suggestions from me.
Special Olympics Louisiana (be sure to read guidelines regarding size and yarn)

Knit Your Bit  (veterans)

The Bridge and Beyond (homeless)

Threads of Compassion (victims of sexual violence)

Christmas at Sea (mariners)

Crafting for a Cause (accepts many types of items, including scarves, for Native Americans)

Scarves from the Heart (cancer patients)

The above are all efforts that I have personally donated to and have corresponded with someone associated with it so I know them to be legit. I have actually visited the Special Olympics Louisiana office and met the dedicated people who work there. The wonderful lady who coordinates Knit Your Bit has visited in my home. Of course I have known Sandy at the Bridge for many years and she is one hard worker and dedicated to helping the homeless in her area.

Kudos to Dee for keeping up this fine tradition and challenging us to keep those hooks moving to help others.

Happy crocheting!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

wavy scarf

Yesterday I was piddlin' around trying to decide what my next scarf would be. I looked through a few books and finally I thought to myself, you know I have never worked an entire scarf in triple crochet. All that thinking to come up with something so simple. LOL So here it is the simple triple crochet scarf.

I used the Red Heart Soft Really Red for the center triple crochet piece. Then for the edging I decided to do something different that I've not done before. Have to keep those creative juices fed.

For the edging, I worked one round of sc as a base, then I did a wavy border using (sc, hdc, dc, tr cr, dc, hdc, sc). Around the corners I fudged where needed but it really worked out pretty well.

There are 16 triple crochets across and 66 rows, but I really didn't count the rows as I was working. I just measured to be sure it would be within the guidelines. The finished size is 6" x 57 1/2".

I will be making one more scarf for this organization and then I will be moving on. I'm sure you'll be happy to see the end of the red and blue! I know I will - especially the blue with all its woes - though I will still have some yarn left so I may yet make other things with it.

The skein I used last night had a few knots in it, but not so much as to make me irritated. I did rip out a couple times after cutting out a knot or otherwise problem piece when I ran into another problem nearby, but that was my choice to make for fewer tails to sew in rather than cutting two pieces and joining so close together.

Now to decide on the next one. :-)

In other news, here is a video from Red Heart yarns demonstrating how they make yarn. I really enjoyed seeing the process.

That's all for today.

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

another bobble scarf

Here is the Bobble Scarf I made while checking the pattern. It's about 6" x 55". The center section is 3 bobbles across. It's worked with the Red Heart Soft Really Red and an H hook. The edging is the same pattern and worked with the navy.

I started this yesterday, working on it while watching TV, and finished it this morning. If you have the time available to work on it, it can go quickly.  Since I worked the center in one color and the edging in one color, there weren't many tails to sew in either.

The only trick thing in making this scarf, once you know the bobble stitch, is to make sure the bobbles line up when you work the edging. Once you get the first one in the right place, you just continue the established pattern of bobble, dc in next 3.

That's it!

Happy crocheting!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Bobble Scarves

The Bobble Scarves
c2011 Sandra Petit,
pdf file available on the charity patterns page or use Print Friendly below this post.

Materials:  1 skein each Red Heart Soft Really Red and Navy for each scarf, H hook, large eye needle to weave in ends, scissor

Size: 3 bobble center 6" wide by 54 to 60" long for Special Olympics or however long you choose to make it

Special Stitch:
The Bobble will puff to the back. You will alternate rows of dc and bobbles.
1) yo, insert hook in stitch, yo and pull through, yo and pull through 2 loops on hook (2 loops remain on hook)
2) yo, insert hook in the same st, yo and pull through, yo and pull through 2 loops on hook (3 loops remain on hook)
3) yo, insert hook in same st, yo and pull through, yo and pull through 2 loops on hook (4 loops remain on hook)
4) yo, insert hook in same st, yo and pull through, yo and pull through 2 loops on hook (5 loops remain on hook)
5) yo, insert hook in same st, yo and pull through, yo and pull through 2 loops on hook (6 loops remain on hook)
6) yo and draw through all 6 loops on hook. (Some people choose to Ch 1 to close. I do not.)

Note: You can use ch-2 or ch-3 as your turning chain, whichever gets you to proper height.

Three Bobble Center Scarf

Pattern Instructions:
With H hook and navy, ch 17
R1: dc in 4th chain from hook and in each chain across (15 dc)

R2: ch 3, turn, dc in next 2 stitches, *bobble in next st, dc in next 3 stitches, rep from * across (3 bobbles) (12 dc)

R3: ch 3, turn, dc in each st across. (15 dc)

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 to desired size.

Rnd 1: You can use either red or blue for this round. On right side (the bobble side) sc around, working 3 sc in corners.

Rnd 2 Bobble Round: ch 3, turn so you are on the wrong or back side—the side opposite of the one where you see the bobbles. Remember that the bobbles will puff to the opposite side and will then be on the right side when you’re done.

Being careful to place your bobbles in line with the previously made bobbles, work  in above pattern —1 alternating bobble with 3 dc over 4 stitches. Along the sides, line your bobbles up with the stitches on the row opposite, you will be continuing this pattern except you will work 3 dc  in the corner and will have dc on either side of the corner stitches in order to get you to the right spot, join to beginning ch-3.

Rnd 3: ch 1, turn, on right side, with blue, sc around, working 3 sc in corners.

Four Bobble Scarf

Pattern Instructions:
with H hook and navy, ch 21
R1: dc in 4th chain from hook and in each ch across (19 dc)

R2: ch 3, turn, dc in next 2 stitches, * bobble in next st, dc in each of next 3 stitches, rep from * across (4 bobbles) (15 dc)

R3: ch 3, turn, dc across (19 dc)

Repeat rows 2 and 3 with each color until you have 5 bobble rows and 5 dc rows in that color . (The Row 1 dc row does not count. ) The new color begins with a bobble row in the sample. You begin and end with navy.

Work 6 blue sections and 5 red sections

If you do not need a particular size, you can add the edging from the Three Bobble Center Scarf. This will give you a wider scarf. You can use either color for your bobble edging row.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

shell scarf

I finished the third scarf this morning. It just needed the edging in navy. Finished size is 6" x 58 1/2".

The pattern is the shell stitch pattern on the charity pattern page at Crochet Cabana, but adjusted to be 6".

I used a chain of 17 and worked 103 rows using Red Heart Super Saver cherry red and soft navy.

I have to say I am getting tired of red and blue. LOL When I finish with this I will be moving to different colors and something that doesn't require a particular width or length where I can just let go. :-) It's been fun working on these though and I'm very glad to participate.
Happy crocheting!