Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Doctor Who S18 scarf wip

I'm still working on the Season 18 Doctor Who scarf, not done yet.

You can pretty much be assured I will only be making one of these! However, if I DID make another one, I'd work over the tails as I go. I did do this on some of them. I tried working over in one direction and then catching it on the return to work in opposite direction, but you can see a tiny bit of the color and it looks funny to see one tiny spot of paprika in the grape, for example. With that in mind, I worked over one way and will weave in the opposite direction. If that tiny bit doesn't bother you, it's a great way to save on sewing.

Every couple feet I worked on a few tails.

This one I'm making is not the width of the original. I wanted it wearable. It's about 7" wide right now and it's supposed to have a rust edging around.

The Season 18 scarf is the longest scarf of all the variations.  I am 5' tall so I am imagining this on my neck, wrapped about 20 times. LOL My sofa "lie down section" is about 72" so you can see the scarf is easily more than twice that. I'm on page 4 of 4 pages with 636 rows if I counted correctly. I placed 4 columns of numbers on each page and double-spaced them for ease in viewing. There are a lot of "1" rows. Many "5" rows and then scattered about are other longer sections.

This is really a very pretty scarf. The paprika and wine are very close in color as they are supposed to be.

It's so hard to see the color difference when printed and it would be hard to keep your place on the computer, not to mention sitting in front of the computer for a week trying to do that. I decided to type the numbers up myself looking at the pictures from what is supposedly the original BBC pattern. Of course, theirs is for knitting and mine is crocheted. Two rows of knitting equals one in crochet by my count. If you want to knit it, these numbers may not work for you. Check out other sites and be sure to check whether they're posting ridges or rows.

I like the colors and the yarn has been working fine for me even though it is Red Heart Soft. I've cut out a few bits, but nothing too irritating as to make me throw up my hands and give up. heh

I hope to finish this scarf in the next day or two if nothing prevents me from doing so. Then I have yarn to make another scarf in the regular colors.

Happy crocheting!