Friday, July 8, 2016

scarf and hats

First off I want to mention that the Knit Picks Felici yarn is back. This is one of those here today, gone tomorrow yarns so I ordered several skeins in the Time Traveler colorway. This is fingering yarn. My current thought is to make a Big Button Beret. I made one of these some time ago and loved how it came out. Of course ... fingering yarn. It will take a while.

In other news I've completed a scarf and two hats from the I Love This Yarn purchased a few weeks ago. The color is Stonewash, kind of a blue grey denim kind of color.

With two skeins I was able to make a scarf about 6' long and two adult male size hats.

I've already packaged it to go to Sandy at The Bridge and Beyond but I think it is about 7" wide. The edging is straight single crochet.

The hats are my Basic Adult Beanie at Crochet Cabana. Because I used a thicker yarn than the pattern uses and an H hook rather than a G, I crocheted fewer rounds (I think it was 18 total). For me, the measurement after Round 9 (to 72 stitches) gave me the size I needed so I didn't do another increase round. I used four rounds of single crochet to end.

Adult male hat should be between 8 and 10" from center to last round, and circumference between 22 and 24" around. It seems huge to me because I have a small head but it fits the guys.

That's it for now. I know I've been lax with updating but life interferes.

Happy crocheting!