Wednesday, December 4, 2013

hat patterns

The dollghan is finished. Actually I finished it just a couple of hours after I completed the last post. Even though I'd have probably worked a better color scheme if I'd planned from the first to make a doll afghan rather than a swatch, I think it came out okay. I'm not sure of the yarn but I think it might be Giggles and perhaps Red Heart Soft. They are both shiny yarns and were leftover balls.

As noted yesterday, the pattern is . Project Linus is a great charity and this would be a great afghan to make for them.

Also, I finished working up the pattern for the hats. It is available at Crochet Cabana. I put up a temporary picture because someone needed the pattern straight away.

I also ran across this baby hat. I thought the method of covering the ears was creative. I might have to try that.

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

gifts for men

Yes, another post! And so quickly too. :-)

I had to come back and give you this link which has other links to great gifts for guys. Mellie over at has done a wonderful job of gathering these projects.

I love the book pillow and thought about making one myself. However I found one on Amazon for $20 so by the time I buy materials and take the time to make it, I figured I'd do as well to just buy one. So that is what I did. Now if you go to Amazon, be alerted that the different colors are different prices. The taupe was the cheapest one when I looked. There is also an eggplant (purple) one listed in a different spot. There are also other types at higher prices. I would not spend more than this on one unless I really really really liked it and found it useful. I WILL, however, let the guy in my house use it.

I'd have never thought of this if I hadn't seen it on the blog so thanks to Mellie for that.

In other crochet news, in my Stitches group a member was trying to figure out the stitches in a little afghan her daughter has that is now falling apart. With some searching and querying of my wonderful members at Crochet Cabana, we found what may be a similar pattern. It is a Project Linus pattern called Sideways Shell Baby Afghan by Donna Laing. I've seen it before and have even worked that stitch in other projects many times, but my mind had blanked on it. Thanks to my friend EllenH for reminding me about it. It's similar to the box stitch but not exactly.

I started to work a swatch to see how the pattern worked up and how it looked next to the original blanket. Then I decided why not make it useful? So I decided to make it into a small afghan the little girl can use for her dolls. I'd already started the swatch with a leftover ball so I just continued that with a second ball in white.

The pattern is simple, just (sc, ch 2, 2 dc). It's a multiple of 3. I got sidetracked - that happens so often lately LOL - and I haven't finished it yet, but I am sure it will done soon.

I'm also writing down the patterns for the hats as someone asked. I've been working on that much of today, taking pictures, measuring, counting ...

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving last week. My hubby was sick (and still is) so we stayed at home. Son came over so that was nice and we had leftovers for a few days which was also nice since we couldn't go anywhere. :-)

Happy crocheting!

Monday, December 2, 2013

hats and DW scarf

I finally finished sewing in those tails. What a job! But it's done and I'm very pleased with the finished scarf. Again, I haven't measured it but I'm guessing between 18 and 19' without fringe. I don't normally add fringe though I guess I should if I want to be authentic. :-)

Here are a couple pics. See previous post for details on this Season 16-17 scarf. Now I need to make a Season 15 and I will have one from each season. That still won't be ALL the scarves as there is a duplicate that was used sometimes and Romana wore a scarf similar to the Doctor's in one episode.

The pattern is up at the Cabana and at Ravelry and at the Stitches Facebook group. The Cabana page has issues but you should be able to download the patterns okay. If you have a problem holler out to me using the form here.

I also made several hats recently. These are various sizes and colors. I made up the patterns using the basic hat increases. I used fpdc and fphdc on one and cross-stitch on another. Finished a couple with single crochet rounds and one is made long enough to double up. I also used DK weight yarn for some and worsted for some. So the word is variety!

That's about it.

Happy crocheting!