Friday, December 28, 2012

Weeping Angel

My hooks have been busy finishing my .... Weeping Angel

The finished angel is 42" x 54". The pattern used was the Weeping Angel chart at Ravelry by Elizabeth Harac. I used about 3 1/2 skeins (about 25 ounces) of I Love This Yarn Greybeard. The chart squares are very tiny. I had to enlarge them so I could see and follow. It is critical to work in the correct direction for this project, working odd rows right to left and even rows left to right, since this pattern is not symmetrical.

I used two highlighters to mark my rows as I completed them, alternating color for each row. That might sound like a lot of trouble, but it worked for me.

I've worked patterns for the Ood, Adipose, K-9, a Dalek and now a Weeping Angel - besides the scarves, of course. I've worked scarves for season 12, 13, 14, and 18 and have a 12.5 knitted one. I've also made a TARDIS, a filet TARDIS, and a mini TARDIS.

Some people think I'm Who-obsessed. Hmmm. Well, maybe. Keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.

Now I need to find a Cyberman, eh?

Happy crocheting!