Thursday, October 21, 2010

lapghan and mittens

I finished weaving in all those wonderful ends on the lapghan today. I hope to do more for the Alzheimer project.

This lapghan consists of 9 12" granny squares in royal blue, a dark green and a deep red. I added a round of antique white to each square, leaving a long strand to use for whipstitching them together. Then I worked an edging using [(sc, ch 2, 2 dc) in same stitch, sk 2] around.

Finished size is just shy of 40" square.

Besides the lapghan, I finished two mittens using the new pattern at Bridge and Beyond, designed by Beth (Crochet Princess). Mine are a little smaller than Beth's as I used a smaller hook. They're still slightly large for me, but I have a small hand. The size is 8" from wrist to top of mitten, 4 1/4" across at the wrist, 5 1/2" width all the way across (from side to side), 2" across thumb, 4" across hand, 6 1/2" from side to side at top of thumb area.

Happy crocheting!