Thursday, November 5, 2015


I thought I had posted this, but apparently I started it and didn't finish it. So here is a two-in-one post.

The narrow nameghan was completed a couple weeks ago. The finished size is about 25"  x 54". Long and skinny. :-) The picture shows the afghan folded over so it is about a third wider than it looks.

The yarn used is
Knit Picks Brava Sport Paprika (rust)
Knit Picks Brava Sport Walnut (brown)
Knit Picks Brava Sport Sienna (brown)
Knit Picks Brava Sport Brindle (brown)
Stylecraft Special DK Lipstick (red)
Stylecraft Special DK Khaki (green)
Stylecraft Special DK Plum (purple)
Hayfield shade 0792 Moss Green
Knit Picks Brava Sport Almond (cream) for edging

Each strip is edged in one round of single crochet in the same color as the strip, then edged again in almond, also in single crochet. I left a very long tail in the almond which was used for whipstitch assembly in back loops. The border around the entire afghan is (sc, ch 2, 2 dc, sk 2).

Though I wish it would be wider, I'm please with the resulting look. It actually works quite nicely as a shawl.

I also just finished a second one-piece where I made the individual strips a bit wider. My foundation chain was 137 (67 columns). After edging it ended up 36" x 38 1/2", a nice lapghan size. 

Yarn used was all DK or sport that I had on hand. I am not sure about the maroonish color but the others are

Knit Picks Brava Sport Walnut (brown at the top)
Knit Picks Brava Sport Persimmon (peachish second stripe)
Hayfield shade 0792 Moss Green (after the maroon)
Stylecraft Special DK Lipstick (red)
Knit Picks Brava Sport Sienna (brown FAMILY stripe)

Each stripe has a name in filet. I colored them out in the photo.

Just as in the one above afghan, each strip of this one was edged in the same color with a round of single crochet and then an additional round of single crochet in almond, leaving a long tail for assembly. When all strips were assembled, I edged with a round of (sc, ch 2, 2 dc, sk 2) round.

I ordered additional almond skeins and also skeins of a different neutral color - Camel Heather - to see which I like best, with the thought of adding a name to the original lapghan.

I also will start back to work on the picture afghan I was working on. I had started making black squares when I got sidetracked with names. Truthfully, filet is my thing at the moment so I enjoyed the distraction. I will be making more dishcloths in filet soon. 

I am also sorely tempted by Knit Pick's Learn to Knit Club. I have tried knitting a number of times but it hasn't taken yet. :-) At the least I can get three dishcloths out of the kit if I decide to do it. If I can't pick up the knitting, I can always make them in crochet. ;-)

That's all for now.

Happy crocheting!