Saturday, February 12, 2011

Simple SC Scarf

Simple SC Scarf
©2011 Sandra Petit

Materials: 1 skein Red Heart Super Saver Turqua, (you will only need an ounce or so of the Turqua), 1 skein Red Heart Super Saver Blue

Size: 6” x 59”

With blue, Ch 22

R1: single crochet  in second chain from hook and in each chain across (21 single crochets)

R2—end: chain 1, turn, single crochet in each single crochet across in the following color sequence:

R1-8: Blue
Measure these first 8 rows. That is what you need to reserve for your last rows if you need your scarf a specific length.

R9-10: Turqua
R11-1: Blue
R13-14: Turqua

R15-210: Blue
For my scarf, this section was about 51”. Add the measurement of your first 8 rows twice, then add this section. If that number is less than you need, work more rows here. Then go on to the finishing pattern.

R211-212: Turqua
R213-214: Blue
R215:216: Turqua
R217-224: Blue

You can add a sc border around if you want to. The width and length will be about a half inch larger if you do that.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Simple DC Scarf

Simple DC scarf

c2011 Sandra Petit

Materials: H hook, one skein Red Heart Super Saver Turqua (Color A) and Blue (Color B)

Size: 6" x 56"

sc—single crochet
dc—double crochet


Ch 21
Row 1: with Blue, dc in 4th ch from hk (I go in back hump), dc in ea ch across, ch 2, turn ( 19 dc)

Row 2: dc in each dc across, change to Turqua in last dc, ch 2, turn.

Row 3-35: with Turqua, dc in each dc across, change to Blue, ch 2, turn. (33 rows of Turqua)

Row 36-68: with Blue, dc in each dc across, change to Turqua, ch 2, turn (33 rows of Blue)

Row 69-101: with Turqua, dc in each dc across, change to Blue, ch 2, turn (33 rows of Turqua)

Row 102-103: with Blue, dc in each dc across

Continuing on right side, ch 1, sc in top of last dc made,
Turn work so that length is in front of you. (I personally use a hook one size smaller to work along length) Work 2 sc around each dc post along length to last row (actually first row of your scarf). In last row, work 1 sc, then work corner using one of the options below
Work sc in each st along foundation chain. Work corner.
Along next length continue as first length, working 2 sc around each dc post to last row. In last row work 1 sc. work corner in top of turning chain,
Sc in each st of last row of scarf, in last st work rest of corner (such as  sc, ch 1), join to first sc. Finish off
Sew in any ends remaining.

Corner Options:
A - 3 sc in each corner
B - (sc, ch 1, sc)
C - (sc, ch 2, sc) 
D - (2 sc, ch 2, 2 sc)
E - (2 sc, ch 1, 2 sc)
F - (sc, hdc, sc)
G - (sc, ch 1, sc, ch 1, sc)
Variation: Work Turqua as Color A and Blue as Color B.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

V stitch scarf

This Special Olympics scarf is another V stitch scarf. Chain 19, work 102 rows, then do a three round border. First and third rounds are sc and round 2 is (V stitch, sk 2) around, working (dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc), in corners

I've added the instructions to the post on Kate's V stitch as it is just an adaptation of that scarf with a wider edging.

Next up, I have a leaflet from the library which has a couple patterns I want to see if I can adapt to a scarf - which is funny because it is a leaflet of scarves. The ones I'm interested in are much wider than I consider a scarf, more like shawls at 15, 16, 18", and there is that pesky 6" requirement for Special Olympics. heh There are some that are close to the right size but those aren't the ones I'm interested in making.

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Special Olympic scarves

I finished a couple more Special Olympics Scarves. Louisiana really needs some so if you're making them and your state has fulfilled its goal, please consider sending some here. A V stitch scarf, for example, could be made quickly - there are only a few weeks left to send a scarf. You can see scarves I've made here .

First up if another Jacob's Ladder scarf. I used the 8, 8, 8 pattern. 8 double crochets, 8 chains, 8 double crochets. Ch 26 to begin. I did this one with Turqua and bordered in Blue. The other one I had worked opposite colors scheme. Finished size is 6" x 57". I worked 103 rows with an H hook.

This pattern works up pretty quickly.

For the second scarf I used a simple pattern, adapted from a square pattern I saw online. I call it the Skippa Scarf because you skippa stitches. Hahaha I know you are groaning. I am so bad at names.

Here is the Skippa pattern in brief.
ch 20
R1: sc across
R2: (sc, ch 1, sk 1) across
R3: ch 2, (dc, ch 1, sk 1) in ch-1 sp across
R4: ch 3, (dc, ch 1, sk 1) in ch-1 sp across
repeat all rows, end on sc across
Edging: 1 round sc, 1 round dc, ch 1, sk 1

I am working on a V stitch scarf now using the blue in center and an edging of Turqua.

Happy crocheting!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ripple Pillowcase

Ripple Pillowcase
©2007, rev 2011 Sandra Petit,

Materials: H hook, approx. 8 ozs worsted weight acrylic yarn in each of three different shades of one color. For example: Color A light blue, Color B medium blue , Color C dark blue

Note: It works best if all the yarns are approx. the same thickness. Not all “worsted weight” yarns are equal.

Size: pillowcase will fit king size pillow, each section is about 22 “ x 37” before assembly, each 10 row stripe is about 6”.

If you need a Queen size pillowcase, one idea might be to use the color sequence A, B, C, B, A. That will give you at least 6” less in length. A web site with size info that you might reference is Bed Bath and Beyond.

Pattern is a multiple of 15

edc—extended double crochet
dc—double crochet
hdc—half double crochet
sc—single crochet
st(s) - stitch(es)
tch—turning chain
tr—triple crochet

Special Stitches:
Extended Double Crochet (EDC) - yo, insert hook into stitch, yo, pull through stitch (3 lps on hk), yo, pull through 1 loop, (still have 3 lps on hk) yo, pull through 2 lps, (2 lps on hk), yo, pull through remaining 2 loops.

Note: You can use ch 3 as your turning chain if you need to. If you do this, then on Row 62, you would ch 4.

Instructions (make 2):
With Color B (or whichever color you want to use for assembly), Ch 75 (multiple of 15)

Row 1: dc in 4th ch from hk, dc in next 4 chs, * 3 dc in next ch, dc in ea of next 6 chs, sk 2 chs, dc in ea of next 6 chs, rep from * across, ending 3 dc in next ch, dc in ea of last 6 ch, (RIGHT SIDE), change to color A on last dc, ch 2, turn.

Row 2 (pattern stitch): sk 1 dc (do not put first stitch in the base of your turning chain, do not put it in the next st, but place it in the next one), dc in ea of next 5 dc, * 3 dc in next dc (which is the middle dc of the first shell on this row), dc in ea of next 6 dc, sk 2 dc, dc in ea of next 6 dc rep from * across to within last 8 sts (including the tch), end 3 dc in next dc, 1 dc in ea of next 5 dc, sk 1 dc, dc  in top ch of tch, ch 2, turn

Rows 3 -  end: Repeat Row 2 in the following color pattern, working 10 rows of each color twice

Rows 1: Color B
Rows 2-11: Color A
Rows 12-21: Color B
Rows 22-31: Color C
Rows 32-41: Color A
Rows 42-51: Color B
Rows 52-61: Color C

Row 62: continuing with Color C, even out row as follows to make it easier to join:
ch 3, tr, edc in next 2 sts, dc in next 2 sts, *hdc, sc, hdc, dc in each of next 2, edc in ea of next 2, tr in ea of next 4, edc in ea of next 2, dc in ea of next 2 * rep from * to * across to last hill. Beginning at last hill, work hdc, sc, hdc, dc in 2, edc in 2, tr in 2, finish off.

Edging and Assembly:
Place two pieces wrong sides together,
Join Color B in top corner (see photo) (at Color B), working through both thicknesses, sc down side, in corner work (hdc, sc, hdc) , then sc across bottom, in corner work (hdc, sc, hdc), sc up opposite side. Top of pillow case remains open.

Finish off. Sew in ends.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

patterns patterns and more patterns

I have been busy going through Crafty Corral. Goodness, I didn't realize I had so many patterns, and potential patterns (items I made without a pattern but didn't actually write up a pattern) on there. I'm trying to get them done, but some require me to remake the item or at the least make a sample swatch to estimate yarn amounts and size. That will teach me to give as much info as possible on every item I talk about. :-)

The next pattern is for a pillowcase. Some of you may remember that years ago, my nephew asked me to create a pillowcase to go with an afghan that my sister (his mom) had made for him. She passed away in 1990 when my nephew was very young so this was special to him.

The pattern was a ripple made with varying shades of blue. I borrowed the afghan so I could match the colors as exactly as possible and I think it turned out pretty well considering how long ago the original was made.

Well, I didn't write down that pattern, thinking I would never again make another pillowcase. Wrong! LOL When I saw the pillowcase on Crafty Corral it gave me an idea. My nephew is getting married this weekend and wouldn't it be special to give his wife a similar pillowcase? (I've already sent ahead another gift, so this would be an extra.)

I was able to determine the pattern by looking at photos I'd taken - a 6 dc ripple with 3 sts at the hill and skip 2 at the valley, which is my normal choice in a ripple. The colors were three shades of blue. Since I didn't know what yarns were used and didn't have access to the afghan or pillowcase this time, I had to choose colors that looked similar in the photo.

The colors I chose were Red Heart Super Saver Blue, Caron One Pound Sky Blue, and Red Heart Soft Navy. I chose those because they were colors I had on hand that seemed similar to the ones in my photos.

In the pattern I am not going to specify those yarns because although they  were all nice yarns, all worsted weight, and I think good matches in color, the Caron was thicker and the Soft Navy was thinner than the Blue. I don't think the difference is very evident in the finished product, but I found them very different to work with. I suggest choosing yarns of similar thickness, perhaps from the same manufacturer although both the Blue and Soft Navy are Red Heart yarns. 

The pillowcase will fit a king size pillow and is about 22 1/2" x 37 1/2" when lying flat. The width is slightly thinner in the Soft Navy section before it is joined but looks fine after assembly.

Here is the original pillowcase.

I should have the pattern ready to post tomorrow.

Happy crocheting!