Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Here is my latest scarf. I used two strands of yarn and a P hook. The yarn is Red Heart Super Saver in Turqua and blue. Finished size is 6" x 58".

I went through the other scarves I've made recently with this yarn and put aside those that fit the requested size (6" x 54-60") for Special Olympics. Those that are too wide or too long will be sent elsewhere. I have enough yarn left to make one more I think, maybe two if I'm stingy with the blue as I have more turqua than blue. I am sure they will get quite enough to fulfill their needs. They always do.

You may be wondering who will be getting the scarves. From the Scarves for Special Olympics FB page: "As a symbol of unity, community and support within the Special Olympics Movement, scarves will be gifted to athletes, coaches, families, volunteers and supporters of each participating Special Olympics Program."

I did read on the FB page where someone said their scarf had come out wider (8" I think) and she asked if she undo it (crazy woman). The answer was yes.  No way in the world am I ripping these. Once they're done, they're done. Someone will be warmed by them regardless. The colors are suitable for male or female, adult or child. I did, however, take off the border of one that was 6 1/2" to meet the requirement. None of mine were 8" but one was 7" and one was 64" long. The pattern used did not allow for a quick reduction. No matter. As I said, it will certainly not be wasted. Someone will get use of it.

If you want to make scarves for this project - and can find the yarn - there are patterns at the Coats and Clark web site. There is one that is 7" wide and there is one that is 64" long. You might like to adjust those to meet the 6" and up to 60" requirement. Most of the scarves say 5 3/4" which is close enough to 6" to be workable and likely yours won't come out exactly that anyway as tension differs amongst crocheters.

I imagine the requested size is because most of these will go to children and we don't want them tripping and being injured by a dangling scarf. Really, the size is not unreasonable. I try to make all my scarves at least 60" with some variation on width. I don't really plan them out. They just are what they are.

When making something for a specific cause, of course, we should follow their requirements so it will be useful to them. It's not always easy to know what the finished size is going to be. That's why I more enjoy working for efforts which are loose about size requirements and I also try to make things that can be adjusted easily in size. Sometimes I want to move outside the box and play with my patterns. :-)

Anyway, I do ramble on. Besides the scarves, I am working on two cocoons. One I purchased from Sandy at Etsy. It's a pumpkin. The other is just a made up pattern. I started as I would for a hat and then used FPdc in every third stitch. I have no idea how it will turn out or if it will be useful for a baby as I've never done one of these before and have never used one either. These weren't the rage when I had my babies over 20 years ago.

I do have a new grandniece though and perhaps I can borrow her to test these.

That's all for now.

Happy crocheting!