Wednesday, November 16, 2011

6 hook scarf

Another six-hook scarf. I started again with the F hook and worked 6 rows with each hook - F, G, H, I, J, and K. Then went backwards K, J, I, H, G, F. I put white between each scrap color I could find. I used my Susan Bates hooks for this scarf as I had a full set all together and it was easy to see which one I'd just used so I wouldn't get confused. That was the plan anyway. LOL

Finished size is about 66" long. Narrowest section is about 5" and widest is about 7".

Now my problem is that in trying to use different yarns I had available I used a couple of pastels, which are not good for the male segment of our population. With that in mind, I'm not sure where to send this scarf. If you have an idea, do holler out.

While this was fun and interesting to make, if you look at it and don't realize the different widths are on purpose, you might think what a lousy crocheter! LOL Another note is that yarns used should be of same weight or you won't get equal distribution from your different hooks. I don't mean all #4 yarns, but look at them and feel them. Will they work up the same? I didn't have a lot of choice since I am using leftovers, but did try to do this.

I also wanted to mention Share a Square here one last time. This is the organization that provided afghans for children at cancer camps, one of which was in Louisiana, my home state. 150 afghans were made using 80 squares from 80 different people. That is a HUGE undertaking. Shelly is making ghans again this year, for a different camp. How many ghans depends on how many people participate. Right now in order to make 100 ghans she is still in need of 400 squares from 40 different people. In other words, people who have not yet sent anything in. I believe there are 80 afghan kits complete (either assembled or waiting to be assembled). If you are on Facebook, you can read the November update yourself. I might also mention that the rules allow for a person to donate the yarn and cards with their name on it, then you can make the squares and donate in their name. This is nice for someone who wants to participate but doesn't crochet.

The absolute deadline for squares to be received by Shelly is December 15. I suggest mailing by Friday, the 9th to be sure they arrive on time.

Happy crocheting!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

squares and a scarf

I have been bad about taking photos and posting, but I'm going to catch up now.

First I have been making 7" x-stitch squares. There is actually one more to go with these (in the rose color).

Of course, there are always saltines and yo-yos.

Then I found a video at YouTube demonstrating how to make a log cabin afghan. I have long wanted to do this, so I started off making a small square along with the video. It wasn't very difficult. I just grabbed colors out of my never ending leftovers. The video is very well done.

Lastly, I remembered a while back reading about a scarf made using a bunch of different hooks. I had this in the back of my mind and was intrigued with the notion so I decided to do something with that idea. Here is my first result. I'm going to work another soon because this one came out very narrow.

Finished length is 62 1/2". Width is 4" at widest point.

Each row has 10 stitches. I started off with an F hook.

Here's what I worked:
with green, 1 row each hook - F, G, H, I, J, and K
with cream, 1 row each hook - K, J, I, H, G, and F.
with green, 2 rows F
with cream, 2 rows G
with green, 2 rows H
with cream, 2 rowsI
with green, 2 rows J
with cream, 2 rows K

Then repeat the pattern with the next section always beginning with the last hook used. For the two-row pattern I did not cut yarn, but rather carried the yarn up.

For my next scarf using this method, I am thinking to use one hook for several rows, then the next hook for several rows etc, using the same color yarn if I have enough of any color in my stash.

I think that is all I've worked up thus far.

Happy crocheting!