Thursday, January 8, 2015

filet cross shawl

Woman's prerogative - I changed my mind and decided to work 3 stripes instead of 5 as I thought I would. The reason for this is because one source that is in need of shawls needs them right quick. I tried the shawl and it worked very well for me so I figure it will do fine for most recipients. I did try to take a picture of myself wearing it in the mirror but it did not come out well. You'll just have to trust me that it fit. heh

The finished size is approx 15" x 65". 

I am writing up the pattern and hope to have it on site soon. I'm really pleased with the way this came out.

I used Vanna's Choice Colonial Blue yarn and an I hook. I used an H hook for the sides. I find this works well for me with double crochet. I think it might be because I use a ch-2 for my turning chain.

Happy crocheting!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

filet cross shawl in progress

I thought I'd update you on the cross shawls. I put aside the puff stitch one because really that size is not good for a shawl unless you're very thin. (I don't remember back when I was a size 3 but maybe it would work...) I will need to work on it when I have more time to do a large single crochet project (which will probably be a long time). However, the dc filet cross goes quickly. Once I figured out the number I needed for the foundation chain for the size I wanted I went to town on it. 

My plan is to do several stripes, alternating where the filet crosses begin.

This project is unique in another way. It is the first time I work a project beginning a long chainless foundation, also called foundation double crochet. I'm not saying it took me less time than just making a long chain and working my first row into it LOL. There were hiccups along the way because I had to be fully satisfied with the look of it. I think I could go faster once I get the hang of the process.

I had not fooled around with the chainless foundation in a while since I have no problem working chains and going into the chain, so I referenced my video on the foundation sc and also one on the foundation dc worked by Maggie of Maggie's Crochet. In my video my daughter works the stitch and gives an excellent explanation. She uses the foundation stitch often in her own work. As I get more proficient with it, I may do so myself. :-) Of course the sc and the dc are not the same, but the idea is the same. You create the chain and the stitch in the same movements.

Why did I use the foundation dc for this project? No particular reason. It occurred to me this might be a good time to try it, so I did. :-) Working 197 chains and working into the chains would work just fine.

I worked 195 foundation double crochets for this one. I didn't measure it, but I'm estimating it is at least 60" wide which is a pretty good size for a shawl. The two rows I have worked so far are about 9" high. There are 8 crosses on the first row and 7 on the second. (You can't see them all in the picture.) Because I want to begin and end the same, I will probably work 3 more stripes which will make it approximately 22" or 23". We'll see how it works out, but you know you'll be one of the first to know. :-)

I am using Vanna's Choice Colonial Blue and am on my third skein. I am using my trusty I Inox hook.

I will be working on this project for the next couple weeks most likely, along with other smaller projects. Since I am writing the pattern, it takes a little longer to figure things out - and even then I sometimes get it wrong. heh

Happy crocheting!