Tuesday, July 14, 2015

more mandalas

I finished the two one-color mandalas. I think they came out okay. I rather like them.

I had only one skein of sport weight cotton and I would have needed two skeins to work all the rounds of the pattern. The original pattern was for t-shirt bulky yarn which makes a huge difference in size. Thankfully, this is a pattern that works for any number of rounds.

Each skein of Knit Picks Comfy Sport is 136 yards. I had used a small amount on the other mandalas so they weren't completely full skeins to begin with.

Knit Picks Comfy Sport Sea Foam 13"

Knit Picks Comfy Sport Carrot 12"

I worked 13 rounds of the carrot and 15 of the sea foam. I really like the pattern. If I'd have been smart, I'd have worked the same number of rounds on both and created a set of different colors. ;-)

The pattern is Marinke's Mandala Floor Rug. I think this would make a great rug. Might have to do one later in a bulky yarn.

If you want to participate in the project (ending in August) go to http://www.crochetconcupiscence.com/mandalasformarinke/  . #mandalasformarinke

Happy crocheting!

Sunday, July 12, 2015


I finished another mandala. The project is #MandalasforMarinke  created in memory of Marinke Slump. You can keep up with things on this project and others at the Facebook page for Crochet Concupiscence.

I actually like this one better than the first one but it curls some (which she does say it might on the pattern). I'm making an effort to block it now. Heh I don't block many things so ... we'll see. I just wet it and pinned it down. 

The pattern is Marinke's Summer Hearts except I couldn't bear to add two more tails to sew in so I didn't do the surface crochet round.

I'm on the mandala roll now. LOL I don't like sewing in all those tails so I am now making a one color project. I think it would make a nice doily. Actually many of the mandalas would make pretty doilies. 

I got sidetracked while working on this blog. That happens to me a lot. LOL I added a few pics to my picasa album so I had to then find what pattern I used etc. That took a while so here I am back to finish this up and I have nothing more to say. Crazy. heh

Addition: I forgot to talk about the yarn. This is Knit Picks Comfy Sport. The creme color is Ivory. The green is honeydew. The pink is flamingo. I think the purple is Lady Slipper but I lost the wrapper for it so not positive.

Happy crocheting!