Monday, October 10, 2016

Osgood scarf

The Osgood scarf is done. Much too late I noticed that when I began I was working more loosely and the first stripe is a little wider than the rest. I will have to live with it. heh 

The scarf is about 8" wide x  14' 4" long. (I am still recuperating from surgery and can't get down on the floor to measure so this is approximate.) There are 47 stripes. It's longer than the original Season 13, or stunt duplicate. However, we don't actually know how long the Osgood scarf itself is because, to my knowledge, nobody in the scarf-making universe has seen it or measured it. Knitting rows were counted out as much as possible from screen shots but of course crochet rows are a guess.

I'm told the scarf is K1P1 ribbing while the original scarf is all knit stitch. I'm also told that the K1P1 creates a larger stitch than straight knit stitch. This means the usual half number of knit stitch rows for crochet rows doesn't really apply. That caused me a bit of a problem. Originally I was going to go with 3/4 of the row number, but as I looked at screen shots I saw that some sections just didn't look long enough worked that way. I ended up doing a mishmash of the two Osgood patterns (Sonya and Chris at Ravelry) and the Season 13/stunt dupe. The basic difference in the Osgood is the 3 yellow stripes, which was a pattern error on the old Witty Little Knitter site. In a way it's good because it makes the Osgood recognizable.

While I think the Osgood is probably made with worsted, or whatever comparable yarn is available in the UK, my personal tendency for such a long scarf is to go lighter weight. In sport or DK weight a one-to-one on the rows would, I think, work perfectly and give a less unwieldy scarf. I did use worsted, though it is the light worsted Knit Picks Brava. I don't plan to make a second scarf right now, but should I do one I would use Knit Picks Brava sport I think.

As with my previously made season scarves, the first one is always the experiment. LOL  

I had hoped to finish this scarf before my surgery but that didn't happen. I did finally finish the crocheting of it Sunday (10-9-2016) but still have tails to weave in. 

update: Here is a picture of the completed scarf with tails woven in.

Here are the yarns I used in this scarf. Most are Knit Picks Brava Worsted (which is a light worsted IMHO) - Red, Cream, Cobblestone Heather, Almond, Canary and Fig. The purple is I Love This Yarn Mixed Berry. The Bernat Satin Sable would also work in place of the Knit Picks Brava Almond. It was my second choice.

I chained 31 and used a single crochet stitch. I used an I hook for most of the KPBW colors and an H for the ILTY because it appeared a little thicker than the rest but it's a perfect color, in my view. The Cobblestone Heather is also a tiny bit thicker and you could use the H for it as well or adjust tension.

I think that is it for this scarf. I originally thought I'd work a second scarf with the other yarns purchased to find the right colors but instead I think I will just do plain scarves or something for charity.

Happy crocheting!