Saturday, May 14, 2011

using Jacob's Ladder in the round

My friend Ghost mentioned round Jacob's Ladder patterns and it sparked a tiny memory so I went searching. I found a number of patterns and thought I'd jot down those links in case anyone else was interested and also to remind me when I get the desire to make one.

First here's a hat

Here's another hat using popcorns and the JL technique.

And here are round afghans using JL.

You can do a lot with this technique. Really you just do a bunch of chains and skip stitches. Then you go back and make the loops for the cable or whatever you want to call it. I love the technique and plan to use it again in other projects.

Happy crocheting!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Jacob Ladder afghan

I finished the Jacob's Ladder finally. It was not the actual crocheting that put this behind. I had trouble finding colors where I had enough yarn for the number of rows I wanted to do, that wasn't spoken for in another project. In the end I worked 7 rows for the beginning color stripes and four for the ending. I think it still looks very bright and colorful.

Then just as I was close to finishing, I fell on my hand (yes, you read that right) and could not crochet for a day. Once the swelling went down some, I was able to finish it off. I used a cream for catching the top loop and working an edging around.

Here is a close-up of this one. I did measure it and wrote it down somewhere, but I can't find it and the ghan is gone so ... I think it was about 40" x 47".

If you're not familiar with the Jacob's Ladder I have videos at the YouTube Channel and on the Crochet Cabana video page.

I always second guess myself once a project is done and was thinking I should have used another color for the edging since I have that white stripe in there. But it's done and actually already delivered. I brought it to my mom at the rehab facility. She named just about every relative I have and wanted to know if I'd made one for them already. LOL I have made a lot of ghans and I think most of my family has at least one from me.

I also took a photo of it upside down because I didn't like that orange first row for photographing though it's really nice in the lapghan. Though a bit stiffer and thicker than the other colors, it softened up on washing.

I have some leftover wool-ease from the scarves I made so I am going to go through that and see what I can do with it. I also have some 12" squares made. I need a few more to complete an afghan though. Might work on that as well. Then I have enough yarn for another Who scarf using Chris Brimelow's pattern.

I probably need to rest my hand a little longer before hitting a large project, so I'll do the planning first.

Bookmobile brought me some books on looming so I might pull that out to work with as well. I think I have the same problem with looming that I have with knitting. If I drop a stitch or the loops come off, I am flummoxed and that is that. The actual procedure doesn't seem that difficult.

Oh, I found a new method of casting on in knitting. If you do both crochet and knitting, you might find it interesting. It was in a video at . I'd never been to Vimeo before, but I saw it mentioned in Kim Guzman's post and went to check it out. Kim is doing a couple of classes over at Crochetville. I'm not sure how it all works though I was tempted to take one. Anyway, I digress. If you watch the video, for the first minute and a half she gives some info and then she goes into the actual procedure. So if you just want to know what to do, start there.

That's all for today!

Happy crocheting!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

HMD and scarf calculations

First Happy Mother's Day! I am blessed to be the mother of two wonderful children and consider my son-in-law a third. ;-) I am very proud of them all and love them more than I could ever say. They bless me every day.

I hope you and yours enjoyed this special day, set aside for us mothers. Being a mother doesn't mean we're perfect - I certainly wasn't and am not - but we do our best and hope the love fills in the rest.

Now on to crochet ... well, sort of.

If Math scares you, run now. LOL

Susan suggested that since I know the total length of the scarf (9' or 108") and I know the total number of rows (314), I can figure out the length of each row and thus the supposed length of each color stripe. She is absolutely correct. But knowing this and putting it into practice might be a bit more than my little brain and fingers can do. I am going to give it to the old college try though now that she has laid it out for me so well.

I decided to go with mm since it is a small measure which would be easier to see than trying to figure out a percentage of an inch. Being American, working with mm does not come naturally to me. Yeah, we learned it in school, but it apparently did not "take". LOL

Anyway, my research (I googled inches to mm online) showed that 1" is 25mm.

My total scarf is to be 108" which is 2700mm. My actual scarf was 93" including fringe which is 2325mm. That is 375mm (or 15") shorter than desired.

Since my total number of rows is 314 and I need to increase the total length by 375mm, I divided 375mm by 314 rows. That tells me I need to add 1.19mm to each row. We can round that off to 1.2mm.

I measured a section that was 6 rows long on my actual scarf. It was 40mm. Each row has to be 8.6mm. (2700mm / 314 rows).  8.6mm x 6 rows would be 51.60. That's how long it should have been.  Take my word for it that I was 1.29mm off per row. Rounding THAT off to 1.3mm, not bad.

Now the question becomes how to increase my rows by that amount. The difference between a sc and a hdc would be considerably more than any of those figures.

What I have to do now, if I want to get the scarf to approximately the same length as the knitted scarf, is to swatch until I find a hook that will give me 51.6mm per 6 rows.

Tara tells me that her scarf before blocking is about 12" and after blocking 10" in width. Mine was about 10 1/2" (no blocking) so I'm pretty good there. I think I read somewhere 11" width but I can't remember where I read that now. Will check that out later.

I'm thinking of possibly working Chris Brimelow's pattern, just for fun, using the same colors though as I don't want to purchase more yarn right now. I bought a few skeins of Vanna's Choice to supplement what I already had leftover and that should be enough. Michael's had a clearance sale today. :-) [addition: Chris' pattern uses 816 rows (to be divided in half in this case, which is 408 rows]

If anyone is a math whiz and finds an error in my calculations - which could VERY well be LOL - feel free to holler out.

I will keep you posted on the scarf saga.

Happy crocheting!