Tuesday, November 13, 2012

on my hook

Here's what's been on my hook... dishcloths and a scarf.

single crochet in blo

my reversible dishcloth pattern

straight single crochet, the yarn made such an interesting pattern

double crochet in blo with a dc edging

Seed stitch scarf

Happy crocheting!

Monday, November 12, 2012

troop hat update

I ran across Rachel's blog post at Maybe Matilda and thought it an excellent tutorial as an introduction to crochet for those wanting to learn. Thought I'd share the link.

I want to thank Ellen, Judy, and Faye for the troop hats that were sent recently. Our local paper ran an article about the care packages in which these hats will be put. The hats are not specifically mentioned though caps are mentioned as a needed item. Other items that are needed are:

•Lip balm
•Disposable razors
•Body wash
•Foot powder
•Toothpaste and toothbrushes
•Shaving cream/gel
•Crackers, peanuts, nuts, chips, hard candy, beef jerky
•Candy (no chocolate, gummy or taffy)
•Toilet tissue
•Dental floss
•Newspapers, books and magazines
•Shampoo and conditioner

The article goes on to say:
The gift packages will arrive in time for Christmas.
Items to be donated may be dropped off at one of these locations; at Thrift Village Pharmacy in Luling, Majoria’s Supermarket in Boutte, the West Regional Library in Luling and the Paradis Library.
Additionally, monetary donations towards shipping cost of the boxes is being collected at the Capital One Bank in Luling.
The deadline for item collection is Nov. 25.
I realize most of you are not local, but if anyone is local and wants to save on shipping, those are the places that are collecting.

An important note is that I just received notice that only 75 hats are needed by the deadline, not 150 as I was previously told. One of the units is not going to be set up for mail by Christmas so hats will be sent to them, but not for another few months. I've already got close to 50 hats and have enough yarn to make maybe 3 or 4 more.

In other news, daughter and I are still working on web site. I've put a lot of pictures in the albums and have done the captions on most.There are probably some pictures that didn't get moved over because of the way it has to be done but that's not a critical thing.

Photos in the dictionary will be put up later.

Most of the patterns have been tackled. I am thinking I might make the font size larger on them, but the text has been gone over. I still have one or two for which I need to make the item so I can take new photos. As I might have said before, I hope to do this for more of the projects as time allows later.

That's about it for now. Hope everything is getting geared up for the holidays. It's certainly not too early to think of handmade Christmas gifts.

Happy crocheting!