Saturday, January 17, 2015

Star Trek

I'm going off topic for a little bit because this project is dear to my heart. You know I'm a big Doctor Who fan, but did you know I also enjoy Star Trek and that universe? Both of these are coming together as the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, is guest starring in Episode 4 of Star Trek Continues, the fan based production continuing the 5 year mission of the original Star Trek.

You can be part of history in helping to fund more episodes of the popular online series. If you are a Star Trek fan and have not seen these, you really need to get over there and have a look. There are three episodes online already. Episode 4 with Colin Baker should be online in a few months. I have been on set and this is a quality production.

The Kickstarter began today to continue production of these excellent episodes. In my opinion they could have run right alongside the original series. To my eye, Vic Mignogna, who plays Captain Kirk, even resembles William Shatner. Chris Doohan, who plays Scotty, is the son of the original Scotty, James Doohan. I have met him and he is a very nice guy. He's very tall too!

As to crocheting, I am working on a second filet cross prayer shawl with expectation of putting the free pattern up soon.

Happy crocheting!