Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Osgood scarf wip

I have long wanted to work a scarf based on the Doctor Who scarf worn by the character of Osgood during the episode The Day of the Doctor. As anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows, I'm a Who fan and particularly a fan of the 4th Doctor's well known scarf. That scarf was brought back, so to speak, by Osgood in that episode. The character has worn other Doctor costume replicas - such as the 11th Doctor's bow tie - in other episodes.

Well, I'm finally doing it. With the help of a wonderful Who friend, I've got my colors down. It's very hard to come up with colors for this scarf since the only option is to look at multiple screen shots in different lighting to come up with the best yarns. I'm not sure I've got the best, but we made our best effort anyway. In fact, I've accumulated enough yarn to possibly make two scarves. :-)

Here is a picture of the scarf in progress.

Here are the yarn choices I made for this scarf. Most are Knit Picks Brava Worsted (which is a light worsted IMHO) - Red, Cream, Cobblestone Heather, Almond, Canary and Fig. The purple is I Love This Yarn Mixed Berry. The Bernat Satin Sable would also work in place of the Knit Picks Brava Almond. It was my second choice.

At this point, the scarf is about 38" long and 8" wide. I'm guessing I'm about a quarter of the way through. I began it last night (Aug 30). It is not known how long the scarf worn in the episode is. 

I chained 31 and am using a single crochet stitch. I'm using an I hook for the KPBW colors and an H for the ILTY because that yarn is a little thicker than the rest but it's a perfect color, in my view. I did buy KPBW Mulberry but it was a little too blue. I could have used it but figured I had the Mixed Berry and it was such a nice color. :-) If you prefer to work in sport yarns, you can probably get all the Knit Picks colors in that yarn and you could use the Mulberry then. I believe the Mixed Berry would be too thick to go with sport.

There is also no pattern so I've sort of devised my own pattern by looking at the two knitted patterns done by Sonya and Chris at Ravelry. I know that Chris counted out all the rows that were visible. I don't know how Sonya devised her pattern. Many color sections were not fully visible and guesses had to be made. Since this pattern was not made using the same technique I have found the usual two-knit-rows-for-one-crochet row did not work. That being the case, I chose to go between the two or choosing one or the other based on the pictures I could find.

Anyway, that's what I'm up to crochetwise. I also have a plain scarf in progress with yarn that didn't make the cut for the Osgood. I haveyarn for a second scarf in regular worsted / aran yarns. Those colors would be
Purple -  I Love This Yarn Mixed Berry (so perfect that I'm using it for both scarves)
Tan - Loops and Thread Impeccable Soft Taupe
Yellow - Vanna's Choice Mustard 
Red - I Love This Yarn Fire Red
Grey - Red Heart with Love Pewter
Cream  - I Love This Yarn Ivory
Green - Vanna's Choice Dusty Green or Loops and Thread Impeccable Fern 

When Osgood is done, I'll have made the Seasons 12, 12.5, 13, 14, 16/17 and 18 scarves. I haven't made a Season 15 yet. I also haven't done a Romana or stunt dupe scarf and am not planning to in the near future anyway. Some folks have made Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor scarf and of course there are many other thins out there that I have no interest in attempting - vests and such. 

Happy crocheting!