Sunday, July 21, 2013

Baby Whoghan almost done

The baby whoghan is almost done. The body is finished and most of the tails woven in. It just needs an edging which I will do soon. I am not a fan of working edging on sc as it's sooo hard to get it to lie flat (for me) but I do like the edging I put on the S18 I did a while back so I may use the same technique here. We'll see how it goes when I attack it. I also need to decide which color to use for the edging.

The size came out great. It appears to be approximately 36" x 37". Once it's edged and really laid out well it should be close to that anyway, which is perfect for a baby afghan.

I do have a pattern for this though I did not keep exact track of how much yarn was used. I had some partially used skeins with which I began so ... Once I've decided on edging, the pattern will be posted at the Cabana. The pattern for the strip baby whoghan is already up there on the pattern afghans page. (I referenced the patterns at and have permission from Gene for the adaptations.)

I still have a good bit of the Stylecraft Special DK yarn in my bin so I may be making a second one. I'll have to see how much there is of each color.

Happy crocheting!