Friday, July 3, 2015

Jacob's Ladder nameghan

I just finished a Jacob's Ladder ghan. Finished size is about 42" x 48". It is a bit stretchy though. :-)

I've made quite a few Jacob's Ladder afghans and quite a few name afghans, I even combined those two in a ghan for my mom some time ago. 

When I began this ghan I had no one in mind for it but by happy coincidence I used leftover yarns from a previous Who ghan, which are mostly fall colors. 

This particular ghan is going to my sis who has been ill recently. My sis enjoys fall colors so that worked out perfectly. 

I can't even tell you all the colors that are used though I think the rust color is paprika. There is some maroon, purple, grey, tan, colonial blue, gold, navy blue, white and one variegated woody color. Some were almost entire skeins and others were just a ball that gave me a few rows. The name section at the top is Red Heart Super Saver Cafe Latte. I used almost a full 7 oz. skein to work the name itself, an edging around it, a round of sc around the entire thing and then a round of (sc, ch 2, 2 dc, sk 2).

To make the Jacob's Ladder section, I chained 212 and worked a 10 dc, 10 chain, 10 dc pattern. On the last row I worked 8 chains. there are 10 ladder (cable) and 11 dc sections. When I worked the edging I worked 2 sc in the top loops of the ladder.

Happy crocheting!