Sunday, October 26, 2014

hats and sizing

Sandy over at the Bridge and Beyond posted photos of the hats I forgot to take a picture of so I thought I'd share Sandy's pictures. You can see her post about these and all the other donations that are sent for the homeless at the blog site here

Sandy asks that items are labeled as to size so I estimated what I thought the size might be for these hats. That's the little white tags you see here. I am TERRIBLE at this but hopefully the hats will fit someone in the right range.

You might recall I've been also working on baby hats. Going from baby hats to adult men hats is an interesting transition. The adult hats always look so large compared to the baby hats. Sometimes I will impose on my husband to try them on and often, although they fit, they could be larger. Men just have large heads! I have a small head so I can't go by my own measurements.

Isn't it funny how we (read *I*) never trust ourselves with sizing. I always wonder if I've made the item too small or too large for the need. Invariably I am reassured by the coordinator of whatever effort I'm sending to, but I still have little confidence! I am not the only one as other crocheters have also talked about it. 

If you are in that situation, there are a couple places with information on hat sizing. One I use often is at Bev's Country Cottage

Another one I ran into recently is this one. Southern Threads for Heads sell hats but the sizing info is good for anyone. If you can't crochet or knit and want to just buy one, these are currently $35. (I have no affiliation. I just ran into this site through a link somewhere.)

Of course, I have hat patterns that I designed and I use them myself too! You can find them at .

Happy crocheting!