Sunday, October 6, 2013

Doctor Who season 16-17 scarf

I apologize for my long absence. So many things have happened the past few weeks with which I won't bore you.

My fingers have not been idle, however. I have begun a season 16/17 scarf. This is my 11th Doctor Who scarf. I know this because someone asked at Stitches and I had to go count. heh

I have figured out the crochet rows for this scarf based on Gene Fender's inches pattern at . My gauge was 5 rows per inch but it didn't always work out exactly to that in the working of it.

I'm still making the scarf so I haven't uploaded the pattern to Ravelry. It is, however, available at the Stitches group on Facebook. It is single crochet every row. It is just the number of rows and colors that you need and that might vary with your personal tension so feel free to mix it up.

I chained 36 which gave me an 8" wide scarf. The original knitted scarf was much wider, at least 10" and possibly to 12".  If you want a wider scarf just make a longer foundation chain.

I am using Stylecraft Special DK yarn from Deramores in the UK and I have to tell you I love this yarn. I also love shopping at Deramores. I ordered this yarn on October 1 and it arrived October 4 - FROM THE UK! That is better service than I get here in the U.S. As I recall they are always quick in delivery. Plus I had a coupon and free delivery with orders of $50 or more. I used Paypal for payment.

Here is my progress thus far. I made it "sit up" so you could see the colors better which makes it look uneven but it is not. The rows are straight. :-)

As I've noted in the past, these colors are not perfect, but they're good enough for me. The yellow is a bit bright and orangy. The brown does not have any red in it as the bronze should. Still, the camel is right on and the copper is nice. The grey is true grey which is fine. The green is pretty good. My main trouble is with the yellow. If Stylecraft would come up with a gold, I would be one happy camper.

When I finish with this scarf, I will have all the 4th Doctor season scarves but season 15. I have not made a duplicate scarf either but that's not a "season". I've made a few Season 14s. I have kept one of each season and given or sold others. Plus I have the knitted season 12.5 that daughter made.

I have been a little disappointed in Doctor Who (read: a LOT). They decided to put out the full Doctor Who season 7 with many extra features that the parts one and two did not have. This actually made me very angry. Besides the parts one and two, I purchased the two specials separately so I ended up paying much more than if I'd waited and bought the full season. Lest you think I am an idiot, I did look at the current listing for the full season 7 before purchasing and it was exactly the same as the parts. Then lnot long ago they changed it. I wrote to BBCA as the discs say "as seen on BBCA". Had I purchased the parts from them they would have exchanged them, but I bought them at Amazon. I haven't approached Amazon since it's been so long since I purchased them. I doubt they'd do anything about it now. I might bring it to their attention though. I also wanted to know if the episodes were cut since BBCA shows cut versions. They assured me they are not cut, so at least I did gain some info.

So that is what I'm doing now. I have a grey scarf partially done also but haven't gotten back to it. I am not good about having two projects going at one time. I feel the need to finish one before going to the other.

Happy crocheting!