Thursday, January 29, 2015


The past week I've been working on scarves from the yarn I got last weekend.

The first was made with Bernat Blanket Taupe super bulky yarn - 10.5 oz skein. Because it looked like such a huge ball I thought I'd be safe to make it wide. I was incorrect. LOL It is 10 1/2" wide but I ran out of yarn at 54". Because of the type of yarn it is, a chenille like yarn, it is not advisable to rip it back. 

If I did another with this yarn, I would make it less wide, maybe 6" and get the intended length. I could get another ball to increase the length, of course, but there is the dye lot factor. I could buy another skein and find it doesn't match what I've already done. Then I would also have part of a skein which would not be enough for another scarf. *sigh* Newbie mistake. This yarn was not cheap as well. I just can't justify it in my mind. Perhaps it will do for a young boy.

It is quite warm, like a blanket as the yarn says. I can double it over and wrap it around my neck and be quite cozy. It is also soft, rated a 10 out of 12 on the Knitting Warehouse softness scale.

Being a super bulky (#6) yarn, it requires a large hook. The label says L. I used one of my Henry hooks and they are not labeled, but I believe it was an M. Although it wasn't difficult to make, I couldn't work on this scarf for too long in one sitting as the motion hurts my hands after a while. I ordinarily use a pencil hold but when working with large or long hooks and thick yarn I use the knife hold. The pattern is straight dc. I usually border my scarves but because of lack of yarn, did not do so on either of these.

The next scarf was made with Loops & Threads Charisma Charcoal yarn. In the first picture it looks blueish but it is not. The second picture is more true to color. Different lighting. 

It's a bulky (#5) acrylic yarn. Suggested hook for this yarn was also an L.I used an L. The finished size is 7 1/2" x 70". I bought 3 3.5 oz skeins. According to my postal scale, I had 1.4 ozs left. 

I just made up the pattern. I started with 10 rows of dc, then went to 20 rows of sc and alternated that, ending with the dc rows. There are 5 sections of dc and 4 of sc. 

Next up on my hooks, soldier hats.

Happy crocheting!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Filet cross shawl

The Filet Cross shawl pattern is up at Crochet Cabana on the shawl pattern page. I made a second one and a friend tested the pattern. She said she enjoyed it and it went quickly. Yay! 

Once you get going on a pattern and see how it goes, experienced crocheters just move along and don't pay close attention to instructions. I am guilty as charged! LOL I miss things just because I know how it goes. I put extra notes on this pattern because it is a little tricky to get those repeats, but you will see as you go what comes next. After all, it has to look like a cross, eh?

Both shawls I made are exactly the same. Same pattern, same yarn (Vanna's Choice Colonial Blue). I used an I hook and approximately 4 skeins of yarn (14 ozs). After I made the first one, I started with the leftover yarn and ran out. I had to rip the tiny one I had made with the puff stitches to finish this one. I'm pretty sure I had purchased 8 skeins. So I made two scarves from the yarn I had purchased with a little left over. If you want to be absolutely sure I'd get 5.  

The finished size is approx 15" x 65".

I may work on the pattern for a puff stitch one, but I'm not too keen on the slow moving single crochet so something of this length. LOL I also don't have multiple skeins in the same color yarn so I'll have to fiddle with that. We'll see where it goes. :-)

Hope 2015 is being good to all of you!

Happy crocheting!