Tuesday, March 27, 2012

another afghan finis

The new afghan is finished. As you can see I used five Bobby squares (with the changes noted in previous posts) for the two  middle rows with the fleur-de-lis (designed for me by my daughter) as the center piece. I created the three letter pieces separately.

Then I placed "Miller" along the bottom edge to see how much additional length was needed. I happened to have enough of the paddy green to flesh that out and get it to size.

Then I took the top sections and placed them side by side. It was a little short so I just added a bit of green directly onto the first section, then joined the two sections with a whipstitch. I then edged both word sections in black, as I had the Bobby squares. Assembly was quite easy!

Of course I had to make sure the names were not backwards or upside down, and the fleur-de-lis was placed correctly, but that was not a difficulty.

After it was all assembled, I sewed all the tails in and decided what to do about the edging. Since I already had the black edging from the squares, I decided to use a round of gold in single crochet, then a round of reverse single crochet as the final round. This brought the gold out but gave a finished manly look (I think) since this is going to a teenage boy.

Finished size is about 46 1/2" square. Yep. It is almost perfectly square! It's not meant to completely cover but is more of a throw.

That's it. Next up, I am thinking of working the Landscape Throw that I saw over at Lion Brand. It intrigues me and I do have a new great-nephew who hasn't gotten a ghan. I was thinking it might be good for playing with legos and maybe little cars...

Happy crocheting!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

More on the egg

I thought I'd update on the egg hook. The more I work with it, the faster I go. I think it was a matter of getting used to the length of the shaft - the straight portion. Once I got into the rhythm, voila! I sped right along.

Here is what I finished last night.

This is going to be a portion of another "name" afghan though I am only doing the recipient's name and this one which is worked in the school colors. The rest I think will be a fleur-de-lis and perhaps a few musical notes if I can get them to the right size to use as fillers. Then I will have more Bobby's Squares. I've already got those 5 done.

I will be working on those notes today.

Happy crocheting!