Friday, December 14, 2012

Child size Doctor Who scarf

Yes, it's another Doctor Who scarf. LOL This one is a "child size" Season 13. I worked it off the general pattern at Witty Little Knitter though in crochet, of course.

I used an I hook and chained 22. I used 7 strands for each of the 7 fringe. Have I mentioned how I loathe making fringe? I have to say it does add to the look, doesn't it?

Finished size is about 6" x 98" including fringe" which is actually longer than my first "adult" wide scarf made with an H hook.The thinner width is better for a child, though I like thin scarves myself.

It's quite a respectable size for a scarf though probably on the short side for a Fourth Doctor scarf.

You might be wondering what the difference is between the child and adult size scarves. Well, I'm glad you asked. I will tell you. The stripe numbers are exactly the same until you get around the middle-ish. Then there are 5 stripes taken out - 5 rows grey, 3 mustard,  7 rust, 3 purple, and 16 bronze which is a total of 34 crochet rows or 34 knitting ridges (68 rows).

Yarn used was
Purple - Vanna's Choice Burgundy
Camel - I Love This Yarn lt taupe
Mustard - Bernat Waverly Gypsy Gold
Rust - I Love This Yarn Terra Cotta
Grey - Vanna's Choice Charcoal
Greenish brown - Vanna's Choice Taupe

Bronze - Vanna's Choice Toffee

Happy crocheting!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hook and Needle Club kit hat

Back in November I posted a picture of the crocheted hat I made from the Hook & Needle Club kit. Here it is again to refresh your memory. It uses a bulky yarn and for the crocheted version H and N hooks. I think I used H and L hook for mine though.

My daughter then took the leftover yarn and made a hat from the knitted pattern that was included in the kit. Remember there was enough yarn for a hat and mittens but I didn't make the mittens.

Here is the result of the knitted hat. My model was so good. I couldn't decide which picture to share. :-)

This is not really a pattern I'd want to make again, but it was fun to work it once. It's a snug fitting hat, perfect for my small head.

Now the scarflette I made with a past kit is one I want to make again - if only I could discover where I put the pattern. LOL

Happy crocheting!