Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kim Jiries scarves

You may remember that I have a few patterns at Crochet Cabana that were designed by other very talented designers. (You can find them at ) One of these designers is Kim Jiries. Her Mama Bess squares are wonderful.

Anyway, I just discovered her blog and I had to share. She started Global Warming with Crochet back in March so I have some catching up to do. She has posted nearly 100 photos of scarves she has made and the information on pattern used. You know I love scarves. What a find! This will be of great help when the Special Olympics starts for the next season.

These are not all scarves designed by Kim, but links are included where appropriate and details on what she did when there is no link. For those that she designed, she includes her pattern instructions. I look forward to giving these a whirl myself.

I have only gone through about a third of them, but fully intend to visit each one. I've used some of the patterns before and at least one is my own pattern and one my daughter's so I know those. :-)

I don't know how I missed this blog, but I'm sure glad I found it now.

Very cool. If you love scarves like I do, well worth a look see.

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

even more squares

More saltines and yo-yos. 'nuff said on that. :-)

And here are all the 6" squares in one photo. I think there is only one NEW square. The rest have already had their blog day.

I continue to work on saltines and yo-yos until I 1) get tired of making them or 2) use up all my small balls.

I don't know why I'm taking pictures of them except it's just what I do. LOL I sort of got used to doing it for my other projects for Bev's. This year we don't count saltines and yo-yos as part of that project unless we do a special project day.

Short and sweet. Have a great day! We're having some cool temps here. Nice change. I'm sure we'll soon be whining about how cold it is. heh

Happy crocheting!

Monday, October 17, 2011

more squares and yo yos

Three more 6" squares completed.

I am using the same pattern for all the squares, daughter's cross-stitch design .

I also made more saltines and yo-yos. These go so quickly even though I do measure the small balls before I start to know which I have enough to do.

24 saltines, 10 yo yos
I have many more bags of yarn scraps. The saltines and yo yos are great for these since even though my bag might have many balls of red, they are not all from the same skein so not the same dye lot. I hesitate to mix them. These small squares and circles are perfect.

In my mailbox this morning was a notice about a new book called Seamless Crochet. Amazon has a look see for this book so you can actually see pages from it. I have not seen the book "in person" but it looks like it's a good one. Who doesn't like having fewer tails to weave in? :-)

Happy crocheting!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

squares, yoyos, saltines, magic ball

I'm still working on the ziploc bags filled with small balls. Some of these balls are actually not that small and I've had enough to make a few 6" squares. I think I can get a few more of those.

If I can't make a 6" square, then I make saltines. If there is not enough for a saltine, I make a yo yo. If there is not enough for a yo yo, I try for a granny's daughter. If there is not enough for a granny's daughter, then I add the strand to my magic ball of scraps. Here is the ball right now. It is 15 1/2" around.

How do I know if there is enough for any of those projects? Well, a while back I made each of these and then ripped them back and measured around a 12" ruler. I discovered that worked with an H hook and worsted yarn, for MY tension, I could make a saltine with 16 lengths of the ruler. (You can find this info in my page on making the saltine/yo-yo etc.) In brief, here are the rules I use:

yo yo - wind at least 8 times (8 feet), 16 dc
double yo yo - wind at least 20 times (20 feet), 16 dc first round, 2 in ea for 32 dc last round
granny's daughter - wind at least 7 times (7 feet), 4 3dc shells separated by chains
saltine - wind at least 16 times (16 feet), first 2 rounds basic granny square

To be clear, when I say wind, that means one length of the ruler (12"). So there would be 2 lengths in one back/front wind. I also hold an inch or two at the top so it doesn't slip out of my fingers. You will be able to judge if this works for you pretty quickly. The number of chains between shells on your granny is up to you. I sometimes use 2, sometimes 3 depending on to whom it is going.

Using this method, here is what I accomplished yesterday.

49 saltines, 11 yo yos

And here are the 6" squares I was able to make. I don't know how many winds those are as I can't bring myself to rip one back. LOL

I didn't make any double yo-yos this time. Primarily this is because I didn't think of it. heh

Other than this I've been keeping busy with regular things. My mom is progressing with her physical therapy. My son has moved back home temporarily and he is getting settled in. Jack got out once and I had to call daughter to help me corral him. There have been the usual gecko ack incidents. All in all, life continues to move on. Hope you and yours are doing well.

Happy crocheting!