Friday, June 11, 2010

Cable Loops

Just thought I'd pop in and talk about the next square I'll be working on. It's called Cable Loops and is on p. 122 in The Complete Photo Guide - link there in the bar on the side. I am using an H hook and a variegated yarn.

I've started with a chain of 21.

This pattern calls for the making of chain loops which you later will pull through one another to finish. I've seen this done before, but I cannot remember where. Perhaps someone can help me? It seems to me there is a name for it. If anyone knows, do holler out because I've tried searching for it with no success. Probably haven't hit on the right combination of terms yet.

I've only just begun my square so I'll post a photo when it's done.

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Janet Wolfe's baby blanket square

Here is the square I made today using Janet Wolfe's pattern.

I love this look. However, it does leave a lot of tails to sew in.

Note that in the pattern, she doesn't say to join each round, but of course you do. The next instructions are to be made in a corner space so I am also guessing you are to slip stitch to the corner. Since I was changing colors each round, I didn't have to do this. I finished off each color and joined the new color in the corner.

For my square I used an H hook and worsted yarns and it came out about 6 1/2". If you need a different size you could make more or less rounds, use a different size hook, or a different size yarn.

This is a very simple pattern and goes quickly, even with changing colors. It would make a beautiful blanket of any size.

The next square I'm going to work will be from the book, but I haven't chosen it yet. I'm still working on my police box (see Crafty Corral).

I also saw a finished Houndstooth square made by Margaret Hubert. Hers is lovely so it can be done, friends.

Happy crocheting!

Monday, June 7, 2010

new square

I'm going to step out of "the book" for my next square. Bev posted this link to Janet Wolfe's Baby Blanket pattern. You can make it a square or continue on and make it a blanket. Or make a bunch of squares and make it a scarf. Never be afraid to step out of the box!

I've done this stitch a number of times. Gives a lovely look.

When my MIL was ill with cancer, she asked me to finish two afghans she had begun. One of these was worked in a similar way to this pattern. I don't remember where the pattern came from. MIL provided it. The shell rounds were a cream color and the chain rounds were different bright colors.

I'll be working my square later and will post a photo when it's done.

Off topic, I'm presently crocheting a police box afghan. I'm not following a pattern, but making it up as I go along. I am probably about a third of the way done on it right now. Photos at Crafty Corral if you're interested in seeing it.

Happy crocheting!