Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The Pergola scarf is coming along nicely. The thin yarn and small-to-me hook (G) makes it slow going. The front half is done. The back, which I'm working with the same yarn, is about three-quarters done.The yarn is Big Value 4 ply acrylic yarn from the U.K. 480 yards in one 100g skein. I have to say that one skein goes a long way.

Next up will be another Who baby afghan. This time I plan to work a chain of 151 rather than 101, and continue to use single crochet. I've reworked the pattern myself and come up with 195 rows making the same number of stripes (44) as in the season 14, just smaller ones. Hopefully this will work out. :-) More details when I actually have something to show.

Happy crocheting!