Friday, May 31, 2013

the stash

As I've mentioned before, I'm working through my stash. As I'm sure anyone reading this knows, every time you work a project, there are balls of yarn left over. These eventually fill every nook and cranny available. What to do with these? There are lots of projects that you can make with these leftover balls, but what I've chosen to do is make yo-yos and perhaps squares. Daughter has been collecting yo-yos for a while and I contribute these to the cause. 

Besides that you know how you plan to make something and then change your mind. Yeah, I have some of those skeins. Then there are the skeins that you actually hold in your hand and think "I must try this" or "Surely I can find something to make with this lovely yarn!" Yeah, I have some of those. Then there are the "one more skein" to make sure you have enough yarn to complete the project in the proper dye lot. The JIC (just in case) yarn.

So here's what I have on hand ...

The four bins are loosely organized by color. (Three here and one in the other pic). The top one is my Deramores DK yarn from the UK. It's for another baby blanket.

The big bag is filled with ziploc bags of relatively small balls of different sizes. The round basket on the floor has two levels and both are filled with small balls. The basket on the glider is the one I'm working through now, rolling loose yarn and putting the items in their proper place. I found a whole bunch of yarn labels and even a pack of stitch markers. :-)

There is also my ruler for making sure I have enough yarn to make a yo yo (8 wraps). When I have a bit that's too small, it gets tied into my scrap ball for a kitty pad.

Here are the yo-yos I've made so far, one 8" square for the Bridge, and part of the V stitch scarf I started.  For some reason, I am having a problem keeping my tension even on this one. Let's blame it on the yarn. ;-) The pattern is my daughter's V stitch scarf.

These are items I found in one bag which were made by my husband and son when they kindly agreed to help me with my certification by allowing me to teach them some basics. One of these was made during commercials of a football game! They were created in 2005.

The bottom bin here is some donated yarn and a few other things. I haven't gone through it yet as any donated yarn is used for charity items so I keep it separate as much as possible.

The bag on top is a bunch of completed things that are up for grabs which I posted about previously.

This bag contains some wool yarn I got off Ebay and ended up not enjoying so it sits.

These are skeins and balls which are not worsted weight. I have a bin for DK yarn which is all Who scarf colors so these did not go with those. They will probably get used soon so I can clear this space.

Here is the completed SHADA scarf still waiting for me to sew in ends and the WIP or UFO, depending on how you look at it, Season 18 scarf made with Lion Brand Suede. Both need to be completed by November 23 for the challenge.

While I'm working on paring down my stash I have been watching Doctor Who Trial of a Time Lord featuring Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor and Michael Jayston as the Valeyard (the dark elements of the Doctor in an incarnation between his 12th and last). I've finished those 14 episodes now (including all special features which were excellent) and will be starting a couple of Tom Baker's episodes, including his final one, and Peter Davison's first.

I am also looking for a good series I've not seen before that is available on Netflix instant view (or Hulu) that I can use while I walk on the treadmill. If you have a suggestion, holler out to me. 

Happy crocheting!

Monday, May 27, 2013

striped scarf

This time I went with a striped scarf. I had a bit of the Mixed Berry left and added to it some Vanna's Choice mustard. I chained 22 and changed color every 2 rows, carrying up the unused strand.

Purple and gold are the colors of one of our local college teams. I don't know if these are right shades, but still I thought they would look well together. They're a bit lighter than shown in the picture.

Finished size of this scarf is about 6 1/2" x 72".

Happy crocheting!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

more scarves

Two more scarves completed.

The first is another bulky yarn, in pink. I don't know what kind of yarn this one is. Sorry.

Finished size is about 6" x 71". I used a K hook and chained 17.

The second is I Love This Yarn Mixed Berry. Finished size is 6 1/2" x 75 1/2". I had two full skeins of this so I had enough for an edging. Yay! I prefer to do an edging if I have the yarn.

I used an I hook and chained 22.

Happy crocheting!