Saturday, August 27, 2011

Share a Square

20 6" squares complete! These are for Share a Square. If you haven't participated in this effort before, maybe you'd like to consider sending a couple of squares.

Squares need to be worsted weight acrylic yarn with at least an 18" tail left to be used for assembly.

These squares will be used on each of 20 afghans since each afghan will contain only ONE square from each participant. 150 afghans will be assembled and delivered to camps for kids with cancer. A very worthy cause, right? The camp in Louisiana received afghans last year as well as two others. Since we hope that many of the same children will attend the camp this year, the next set of ghans will go to different camps.

That said, no one person need send more than 150 squares. Last year I believe Shelly said over 500 people from all over the world contributed squares. Not everyone sends 150. Some people send one or two. It doesn't matter how many you send. Each one will contribute to a smile on one child's face.

To keep updated and see what everyone is doing, you can join the Facebook group or if you just want the facts you can read them at

Each square needs a tag, but the tags are not to be attached to the squares because they first have to be laminated so the children can keep them forever. This year they will be able to put the tags on shoestrings. You can see some of those in the picture. I got these from Oriental Trading Company. Of course 150 are needed. I'm only sending 36. Others will provide the rest needed.

That's what is also great about this group and groups like this. Folks getting together to make a worthwhile effort come together.

Next up I will be working on more scarves for Special Olympics.

Happy crocheting!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

filet square scarf

Here we are with scarf #20. I like this pattern and I will probably make a red one like it. I've already sent one made in alternating squares.

Since I have had so much trouble with the blue, I think I will concentrate on scarves with more red and less blue when I'm done with the blue I have on hand. I will need to get more red.

I know that I can also go to the Super Saver, but the Soft is such a nice yarn except for this problem and I've only had it with the blue.

The scarf is worked in one piece though it looks like squares. There are 17 "square" sections for 57" of length worked with an H hook. I put beginning and end and two dc rows between each square. The foundation chain is 21. The 4 filet rows are  5dc, 5 holes (ch 1, sk 1, dc), 5 dc.

The only problem I had with this scarf was that I would get interested in whatever I was watching (Standoff on Hulu) and I would forget to stop making filet rows and had to rip them back to keep my pattern. LOL Without those bits it went very quickly.


Happy crocheting!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

more bad yarn

Remember I said I had some small bits of orange in my last skein? Well, I finished that scarf (photo below) and started another skein and lookee here. MORE orange. This is getting ridiculous. The skein from the previous post was not too bad. I could live with it, picked out the small bits. This one has not been bad to this point but I see large splotches of orange coming up.

I hate to be a whiner but really. There must be a better way to do this. As I told them, I am but one of thousands of consumers. If I have gotten three bad skeins (so far) can you imagine how many are out there?? And this was two different lots.

Anyway, I did finish the red V stitch. It is 6" x 57". Same as the blue one from yesterday's post. Edging is one round sc followed by one round of V stitch.

I've already bagged the scarves I've completed and printed out the tags. I still don't know what to do with the tags though. With the last batch I filled them out and included them in the large bag but not the individual bags. I have time to get more info on that though. Still have a bunch to make before I deliver them.

That's all for now.

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

V stitch scarf

Here's the V stitch scarf (#18 or #3 of the second batch - I promised a total of 30). I chained 22. First V goes into the 5th chain from hook.

I worked a round of sc in blue then a red V stitch border all around. Very easy.

Finished size is 6" x 54", a little shorter than I usually try to get, but within the guidelines so it's good. The reason is that I expected to do more with the border but I couldn't because of the 6" width. heh Getting projects to a certain size is an interesting thing.

I'm working on a red one now.

Happy crocheting!

Monday, August 22, 2011

dc scarf and more orange in my navy

Next up is a simple dc scarf. It is 6" x 60" including fringe. The fringe is one strand each of the red and blue.

I used an I hook and a chain of 21.

Really not much more to say about this scarf. 

I am working on a V stitch scarf right now and would you believe that I have found orange in my blue AGAIN?? I didn't believe it. But sure enough, I am picking out bits of orange. It is not nearly the volume that was in the other skein, at least not at this point. Just a few small bits. But what are the odds, eh? I guess I am just lucky that way. LOL

The skein is not the same lot. This one is Code: 4641 (which is the same as the other), but 20/04/11 and 12:16pm rather than 15/02/11 and 12:20pm. I am guessing that the first is the date April 20, 2011 and February 15, 2011 so processed on two different dates.

Annoying, but so far I've been able to pick at it and get the orange bits out. I've used half the skein already so it doesn't seem that it will be a severe problem.

All the skeins I have left have the April 20 date and different times so I'm pretty sure this is not the skein they sent me as a replacement. I just threw it in the box, but it would have been on top and probably used in the other two scarves.

Guess that's it for now.

Happy crocheting!