Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Crocheting seems to have fallen by the wayside lately. Though I haven't been as focused on it as I usually am, I have not completely abandoned crochet. I have been working on the name afghans for my grandchildren. You may remember that I was considering taking apart my first grandson's name afghan in order to add my second grandson's name. I even made two separate afghans with both names which I shared in another post while trying to decide what to do.

Well, I did decide. What I decided was to make a completely separate afghan for grandson #2 with his name and keep the first afghan as it was.

Here is the one I just finished.

Both ghans are exactly the same size - 38" x 39". Each name took one full skein. The letters were made individually and then sewn together. Some names required a couple of "blanks" so the stripes would all be the same size. Each individual letter was edged in single crochet, then the entire piece was edged with (sc, ch 2, 2 dc, sk 2) It's an edging I use pretty often. As I went to start the edging I couldn't find the hook I intended to use (and had been using recently) and had to substitute. It still came out okay I think. I still haven't found that hook. LOL

As to the yarns, I've lost most of the labels. They are all either Knit Picks Brava Sport or Deramores Stylecraft Special DK. Here's what I think they are. KPBS Almond for the edging (that is correct because it was purchased especially for this ghan), SSDK Burgundy, KPBS Cobblestone Heather, KPBS Brindle, SSDK Khaki. I had two skeins of the green and brown so those names use the same yarn. I only had one skein of the red and grey.

I love working on name afghans and other filet projects of all kinds. I hope to get back to the filet dish/wash cloths I was making a while back and I have yarn coming in for bulky scarves.

I actually gave away all the small balls of yarn and even some full skeins that I felt I would never use. I wanted the room for other things. That said, I still have a couple of bins filled with yarn and projects. The yarn is mostly leftover from Doctor Who scarves.

So what am I doing with the time I used to spend on crochet? I've been doing adult coloring. I was gifted Jenean Morrison's 2016 coloring calendar book and have been enjoying working on that. I also am in a family coloring group where we post a picture once a week from the same book. That is a lot of fun as even though they are the same picture, the coloring is so different on each one. Just as in crochet, coloring takes supplies which cost money. Both also allow one to use whatever creativity skills one has. You can see some of my coloring sheets at Crafty Corral.

That's all for today.

Happy crocheting!