Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DW scarves

It seems as though with some winter-like weather I've been moving more slowly than normal. That is not to say my "normal" is fast. LOL In any case, I have still been crocheting though perhaps not with the speed I normally accomplish my projects.

Here's what's been on my hooks.

I am still working on the Season 18 Doctor Who scarf with the Lion Brand Suede discontinued yarn. I have about 29" done so that's a bit more than the 11" I showed you last time. I sewed in some of the tails and will probably do a bit more of that before moving on. I could have worked over them but with this yarn I don't find that works as well. It seems to pull the sides in. Could be something I'm doing unconsciously.

I also started a Doctor Who season 12 baby/lap afghan. I'm trying this in what I think is an unusual way. heh I divided up the total number of rows into 3 sections (173 rows in each section). I am short 2 rows total but I figured I would just add a couple rows somewhere to even the columns out.

I used the 4 rows to an inch for worsted yarn a while back and that took me close to the finished size a normal scarf would be, but for this scarf I wanted it smaller. Even though I was using a thinner yarn and smaller hook, I kept to the 4 rows per inch. Whether that turns out to be a good idea, well .... we'll see.

I finished the first section, which is about 34" I think. Not a bad size for a baby afghan or small lapghan.

The yarn I am using for most colors is Stylecraft DK Special which I purchased from Deramores in the UK. This is my first non-worsted scarf and I really like how this is working out. It's lighter and the stitches are smaller, more in line with knitted stitches I think.

What I plan to do - I say PLAN because you never know how plans will work out, eh? - is to continue the pattern in the next 2 strips. So it will be ONE scarf pattern, worked into one afghan.

Why, you might ask, am I doing this? LOL Well, long ago my husband said to me "you should make an afghan in that pattern". Then a bit later my daughter said to me "you should make an afghan in that pattern". I am a bit thick but I finally got the message. However, I have a queen size bed and really single crochet?? How long would THAT take? LOL

I wanted to test the waters first and what better method than in a small afghan. I thought about using double crochet but in case it did end up being used as an actual baby afghan, I wanted close knit stitches. I was thinking it could also be used as a lapghan though it's a little small as it is turning out. I didn't realize how much difference the DK yarn would make in overall size since I've not worked with it before. It is, however, a very nice yarn. I wish they sold it stateside.

Here are the exact colors I'm using, all purchased from UK except the Knit Picks.

Purple - Stylecraft Special DK Burgundy
Camel -  Stylecraft Special DK Camel
Mustard - Big Value shade 671 (thinner than rest)
Rust - Stylecraft Special DK Copper
Grey - Stylecraft Special DK Graphite
Greenish Brown - Stylecraft Special DK Khaki
Bronze - Knit Picks sport Sienna (too dark, not enough red)

I chained 35 and am using a G hook. I have not even used a complete skein yet in any of the colors. Skeins are measured 322 yards. No ounces are listed but I weighed an unused skein on my postal scale and it said 3 1/2 ounces.

I used a different amount of each color due to the pattern specifics, but I measured the Camel and I have 2.6 ounces left. No, I'm not going to measure the yards. LOL

I have had NO problem with this yarn at all. No thick or thin sections, no knots to cut out. It's been a very nice change. The Big Value, though thinner than the Stylecraft, has also been no trouble so far.

Just for comparison, have a look at the difference between the DK yarn and the LB Suede chunky yarn.

I don't know if you can really tell from these pictures. I should have taken one closer up of the DK. The DK is 4 stitches to an inch with a G hook. The Suede is 4 stitches to 1 1/2" with a J hook.

I think with this yarn and hook that I could probably follow the Who knit pattern exactly for the original scarf in DK/sport and get the proper size. That's just a guess, of course. I may try it one day but buying DK yarn from UK is expensive. I still don't have a best brown in DK but this one will do okay. I'm not tremendously gung ho about having to have the exactly right shade though I do have my preferences. After all, if I was that picky I wouldn't be crocheting it, eh? The original, as you know by now, was knitted.

FYI, I ended up not making the other two items in the Hook & Needle club kit but my daughter made one. I will take a picture and share later.

Just to brag, daughter made this gorgeous afghan from a purchased pattern at Ravelry called Solas Caomh by Jodi Euchner.

I started to make one myself and decided I didn't have the patience for it. she did a fabulous job. This is one of the most beautiful afghans I've ever seen. Very complex. Heavy and warm.

That's it for now.

Happy crocheting!