Saturday, February 2, 2013

ribbon scarf

A while back I purchased a pattern at Annie's Attic for a ribbon scarf. The actual designer is one I recognized - Cherie Marie Leck of Craft Designs for you, a lovely person and talented designer. I have several of her crochet hooks. I digress. This design uses half double crochet. That is not a stitch I'm overly fond of, but I tell ya I did this entire scarf using hdc and it was a breeze! The pattern was well written and it took no time to complete. I did it in one evening, a few hours of TV watching.

I am going to give you a tip which doesn't benefit me but will help you. I had trouble finding the pattern again to get my link here (I did find it eventually in the exact place I should have looked in the first place - my bookshelf!) and while looking I ran across the same pattern book at Knit Picks for half price. I downloaded mine from AA and used it on my ipad with the Kindle app.

This is not a long scarf. Lengthwise, from longest portion it is 50", from shortest portion it is 45". The width is 5". I used Bernat Giggles Tickled Pink worsted weight yarn. I'm pretty sure I used an H for the body and an I for my foundation chain.

When you work the chain for the hole,it needs to be worked loosely and finish at approximately the same place as your 15 stitches end. (You'll see what I mean if you work it.) The tapered end is so clever. It's just a skip stitch.

I love this scarf and I will be making another one after I make a couple more dishcloths. :-)

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

heart afghan

I finished the heart afghan though not without some trials. I had intended this to be 4 squares x 4 squares, but I ran out of white edging yarn along the last column edging. What to do? I was using a continuous join so that limited my choices. I decided to go with a 3 x 4 instead. I ripped back one column and discarded those squares, then finished the edging with the white yarn. I think it came out well.

Details about where to find the pattern are in my previous post. It's a ch 34 and is worked over 16 rows with the first and last rows straight dc. Size is about 34" x 42". I used a cross-stitch join-as-you-go assembly.

I also finished another dishcloth using leftover scraps from the others. I will probably just keep this one as there were so many tails and cotton doesn't hold the tails in as well as other types of yarn. Not bad looking though.

Happy crocheting!