Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miranda Scarf

 Messing around yesterday and decided for the next pattern I would make one up. This is sort of a variation of the pattern I had called Peek-a-boo. The middle holes line up and the side holes form a pattern. It could be a diamond or an X or whatever you imagine it to be. :-) You can make this into a square or a scarf. I am making a scarf because my hands kept going. heh

So here is the pattern. It is named Miranda because I couldn't think what to call it and I asked my husband and he could not think of anything. I asked my daughter and she said I'd call it Miranda. I think she just likes that name. LOL I like it too, so Miranda it is.

I haven't actually finished the scarf, so the yarn amount is estimated. Most scarves take me about 7 ounces so it should be about that much. Anyway, this one will because I think that's all I have of this color.

Miranda Scarf
©2010 by Sandra Petit

Materials: about 8 ounces 4 ply worsted weight yarn  (I used I Love This Yarn aqua for sample), H hook

Size: approx  7” x 61 1/2” or however long you want it to be

Gauge: 5 dc = 1 1/2". 4 rows = 2" (gauge is not important in the scarf)

Skill Level: Easy

Pattern abbreviations:
ch  =  chain
dc  =  double crochet
sk = skip

Hole = (ch 1, sk 1)

Note: Your middle holes will be in line with one another, separated by a row of dc.

ch 25
Row 1: dc in 4th chain from hook and in each chain across, ch 2 (counts as first dc on this and all rows), turn. (23 dc)

Row 2: dc in next 4 dc, (ch 1, skip 1, dc in next 5 dc) 3 times, ch 2, turn.  (3 holes, 20 dc)

Row 3: dc in each dc and in each ch-1 space across, ch 2, turn (23 dc)

Row 4: dc in ea of next 2 dc, (ch 1, skip 1, dc in next 3 dc)) 5 times (5 holes, 18 dc)

Row 5: dc in each dc and in each ch-1 space across, ch 2, turn (23 dc)

Row 6— end: repeat Rows 2-5 to length desired (I did 115 rows, beginning and ending with a dc row)

Border: sc evenly around

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Double Crochet Lace scarf

 Finished the Double Crochet Lace scarf worked with the pattern from The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet.

As I mentioned previously, I started with a chain of 24. The foundation chain is not given in these patterns. It just gives the multiple.

She also uses what I consider to be the first row as the foundation row. I've seen this done before. It's quite fine, just not how I do it. Which doesn't make it wrong, of course! LOL

I might also note that when she says to skip the first 2 dc of the row, she means the dc under the turning chain and the one next to it. New crocheters sometimes get confused with this. The succeeding "skip 2 dc" instruction is fine, but that first one sometimes causes angst. heh The first stitch of the row is made into what is essentially the third dc of the previous row.

The pattern is quite simple and easy to keep track of. A row of V stitches, then a row of 3-dc shells. If you've just done shells, then you know you need V's.

My finished scarf was 6 1/2" x 61 1/2". That looks funny in print, doesn't it? Lots of 6, 1, 2. :-)

Anyway, what's on my hook now? I'm catching up on the teddy squares. I still needed to border and join the green and yellow squares, so that is what I'm doing. You have a day or so to catch up if you've wanted to work the other stitches. Then I think I am going to choose another pattern from the book. I've marked several I want to try, but most require my concentration. I am wanting a challenge these days. :-)

Happy crocheting!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Double Crochet Lace

I'm sitting here waiting for Jimmy Kimmel to come on so I can see the LOST alternate endings so I thought I would post to the blog to keep myself awake. Heh

I was flipping through The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet. and chose the next pattern to work since I finished the Star Stitch scarf. This stitch is ideal for a scarf as it goes quickly, but still should be pretty warm. the pattern is on page 47 and is called Double Crochet Lace. Basically it is one row of V stitch and one row of 3 dc shells. I chained 24 to begin, but what you do will depend on the size you want, and the yarn and hook you choose to use. I almost always use an H or I hook (usually H) to work with worsted yarn and I have some Vanna's Choice Brick that will do nicely.

Happy crocheting!