Sunday, May 23, 2010

Double Crochet Lace

I'm sitting here waiting for Jimmy Kimmel to come on so I can see the LOST alternate endings so I thought I would post to the blog to keep myself awake. Heh

I was flipping through The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet. and chose the next pattern to work since I finished the Star Stitch scarf. This stitch is ideal for a scarf as it goes quickly, but still should be pretty warm. the pattern is on page 47 and is called Double Crochet Lace. Basically it is one row of V stitch and one row of 3 dc shells. I chained 24 to begin, but what you do will depend on the size you want, and the yarn and hook you choose to use. I almost always use an H or I hook (usually H) to work with worsted yarn and I have some Vanna's Choice Brick that will do nicely.

Happy crocheting!

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