Monday, September 22, 2014

cross stitched square

The next square of Stitch-cation that I chose to work is the Cross-stitched Square.

I used Red Heart Soft Wine and an I hook. In retrospect, I should have used the H hook for this one. You never know until you're done, eh?

The pattern is for 27 rows. I stopped at 12 cross-stitch rows and finished with a row of single crochet. The important part is making sure the edging has the right number of stitches.

Sometimes I think I should just give up crocheting. heh I carefully counted out the stitches to get the proper number for the edging. Finished it and sewed my tails in back and forth. THEN I realized I had put the edging on the wrong side. *hangs head in shame* I was so annoyed I put the square aside for the night. Today, I ripped back the edging and redid it. You can imagine how much fun that was to do! LOL  This was not the pattern's fault, but mine. I just didn't pay close enough attention.

After all was said and done, however, the square looks really nice. It is slightly larger than the other two, even stopping short of the suggested number of rows.

The Stitch-cation uses an H hook but if you notice the patterns, they use different hooks. I think this one used an F.

I might mention here that if you go to the Stitch-cation page, you can download the book with all the square links. It does NOT have the square instructions, just links to the pattern, videos, and also has some extra information. But it is useful to have in one place in your computer.

As I think I said in a previous post, Stitch-cation was done over last summer as a project with Mikey of the Crochet Crowd. I happened across a mention of it on Facebook and decided to give some of the squares a try. I've worked three so far and I really like the way they are coming out.

This square is not too difficult to do. Things to look out for include watching to make sure you don't shorten your cross-stitch and pull the shell in, and also that you don't start your next section in the last stitch from the previous one. Skip that stitch - you will see that a stitch is already there, and skip the next stitch. Your 2 dc will go into the next two stitches and then you cross over to catch the missed stitch. Don't miss your last stitch, which goes into your turning chain.

Of course, you should keep track of your size if you are making these to all go together. Mine have been coming out 10" although this one is slightly larger, It will still work with the others.

That's about it. This is a nice square. Think I might make another one.

Happy crocheting!