Saturday, January 15, 2022

Revisitng 2021

As you know, I've moved to Wordpress but every now and then I like to pop in here at Blogger. So let's review the year!

Many of the projects for the year were scarves and wee blankies. I won't reproduce them here as there were so many. If you need more information on anything below just go to the Wordpress site and look in the month mentioned. 

In the latter part of 2020 I made some strips and sent them to my friend Sandy over at the Bridge and Beyond. She assembled them as she had time and this is the beautiful result of our joined efforts. I so much love how this came out!

In February 2021 I discontinued the Facebook page. I didn't feel there was anything there to warrant keeping a page. I mostly just posted a link to the blog post. It just felt redundant.

In March I attended a zoom yarn tasting! This was my first experience with a yarn tasting. It was fun! The way it works is you purchase a sample pack (less than 1 oz of each of 6 yarns) and make something with the small samples if you want to. Then on the zoom we talk about it. The yarn was all by Berroco. It was hosted by McNeedles. Here is the link but it's long over now. My favorite of the samples was called Handpaint

In the spring I worked on a CAL by Sirdar - the Sweet Blossom afghan by Sue Rawlinson, who quickly became one of my favorite designers! I found many of her other designs and purchased them. I bought the kit for this afghan and it went to my niece as a wedding gift. It was a fun project and nice to have a group to talk to about it as there was a Facebook group created for the project. Many of the crocheters went on to do other Sue Rawlinson patterns as well.

In June I purchased a Wool Jeanie. It quickly became one of my favorite and most useful tools in my crochet arsenal. I even bought one for my daughter and she agreed!

In July I finished a hippo afghan which I put aside for a Christmas gift. The pattern is by Becca at Mayhem & Majesty.

In August I read One for the Hooks - the newest book by my favorite crochet mystery writers, Betty Hechtman

At the end of August our area was hit by the devastating Hurricane Ida. We are still not recovered from that. We are personally still waiting to have our roof replaced but are otherwise okay. We are hoping that will happen next month (February 2022). We did not have Internet for several weeks and had spotty phone service so I wasn't able to do any updates to the website for a while. We didn't have power but we did have generators and a window unit so my daughter's family stayed with us until power came back on. We were kept pretty busy and it was hot as we couldn't run the generator constantly so I didn't do much crocheting.

If anyone is interested here are the Ida facts I gathered along the way for our street.
Hurricane Ida (8-29-2021)
Power out 8-29-2021 to 9-10-2021 (13 days), boil water to 9-17-2021 (20 days), limit sewer usage to 9-19-2021 (22 days), curfew to 9-20-2021 (23 days), no Cox Internet to 10-2-2021 (possibly 10-1 during the night (34 days)[note: Internet was steady for a day, then went out, then came back for a few days),  burn ban rescinded day 48, debris pickup discontinued 12-5-2021

My husband had just had a birthday and had gotten a pellet grill so we had that and a regular gas grill as well as a small camp stove. My daughter's chickens survived so we had fresh eggs, which is a staple of my own diet! 

In October I was back in gear with crochet. I made two little heart blankets for twins due in the spring. the pattern is from Mayhem & Majesty and is called Woven Hearts. I love her numerical filet patterns and have bought several of them.

October was a busy crochet month! My grandson's favorite color is orange so I made him this little afghan. I didn't use a pattern. It is just strips using dc. The yarn pattern seemed to need a simple stitch.

In November I finished an afghan for a relative going through troubled times.

I also made an afghan from my nephew's daughter at their request. They have two daughters so I decided the younger daughter also needed one. :-) The first one uses my Shell Scarf pattern, made in strips and then joined. The second one is the Beginner's Luck pattern I've used many times. 

Also in November, I began work on putting up the patterns by my friend Diana Sharp, who passed away a few years ago. Her family gave me permission to add them to the site as they are not available anywhere. I did several of them but had to pause on that project as I had surgery in December on my right thumb and couldn't crochet for a time. I am back crocheting but still having physical therapy.

That's all for 2021. I hope you enjoyed this look back at the year in pictures. 

Happy Crocheting!

Happy crocheting!