Thursday, October 12, 2017


Reminder that posts, at least at this time, will be over at wordpress where the site is now located.

You can type or for the specific post go to this page 

Happy crocheting!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

new site

This is just a heads up that the new site I spoke about in a previous post will hopefully go live in the coming week, in honor of the 20th year on the Internet. Happy Anniversary to me!

If you've bookmarked you should have no problem as it will direct to the new site. If you have bookmarked individual pages on the old site, you'll lose those.

The information from the old site has been transferred to the new site at Wordpress. I've updated and made corrections as I discovered them. As noted previously, videos are links, not embedded, but they are there. The only page that I think still needs work is recipes. I don't know how to make same page links on Wordpress yet, but that is not a crochet page so not really a priority. 

If you find a problem or error or something that needs attention, do use the contact page or email me at and let me know. I did it all myself so ... I am sure I missed things. :-)

This blog will remain up but future entries will be made at the Wordpress site since it's all one animal, blog and website together. No sense in doing the work twice and I would want the latest information to appear on the front page of the website.

I hope you find it easy to navigate.

Happy crocheting!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

cradle sets

I’ve made a few cradles sets for Bridget’s Cradles. My pieces are plain. The folks at BC add embellishments so the final pieces will look prettier.

The mission of BC from their website: “The mission of Bridget’s Cradles™ is to provide hospitals with knitted and crocheted cradles to hold babies who were born into Heaven in the second trimester of pregnancy.”

Each set is made up of a cradle, a blanket, and a square. Parents keep the square as a remembrance of their son or daughter who has passed on.

The sets above were made with I Love This Yarn Turquoise with a G hook. There are extra squares because these are given to parents who lose their child in the first and third semesters.

If you are interested in helping this cause, you can fill out a volunteer form here.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to work on next. I have yarn for another shawl so maybe that although I’ve been thinking of making squares again. When I know, you’ll know. 🙂 It will probably be something entirely out of the blue. LOL

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

website move

About a year ago, I got a new computer.The program I purchased to update the Crochet Cabana web site in 2012 could not be moved to the new computer.  When I contacted the publisher of the program, they said it was no longer supported and I'd have to repurchase the program. I didn't care for the program that much so I didn't want to do that. Thus the website has been sitting without additions or changes while I thought about what to do. The blog and Facebook / Twitter are what I have used to relay information. 

The dilemma I faced is whether to keep the site going or not. Is the website really that useful? Are people visiting enough to go to the trouble of moving the site? The world of crochet is expanding and changing. Am I able to offer enough new and pertinent content to make it worth a visit or can I do what I need to do with just the blog and YouTube accounts?

With regards to expenses, besides creating the site, it has to be hosted somewhere. The problem I had with free hosts in the past was that they couldn't handle the number of pages I had on site and the traffic using the site. I had to keep moving it. Because of this we purchased hosting which we've been using with no problem since 2004. However, they are raising costs by about 30%. The only other thing I use the host for is to get those neat statistics I post at the beginning of the year - well, neat to me.

I also own the domain name, which has to be renewed annually.

To see how useful the site is, I put up a poll on the blog and mentioned it twice on the Facebook page which also posts to Twitter. I have an average of 8500 followers on the FB page. 8 of them responded to the poll. That seems to indicate that the site is not as useful as it perhaps once was. One doesn't expect every person to respond. Some may have missed the notification. Others wouldn't care or wouldn't have time. All understandable. 

Before I put up the poll I had checked out a few places to which to move the site. To my knowledge, there is no "automatic" way to move the website anywhere.

I already had a free account with Wordpress. The free account does not include videos so I would have to use links rather than embedding videos. There is also a limit to how many pages one can add though I couldn't find out how many that is. One place said 80, one said 88, one said 100. 

The name "Crochet Cabana" is being used by another Wordpress client. That site was last updated in November 2015. Nonetheless, I wouldn't be able to use that name while working on the site. I own the domain name, however, and can just redirect it.

All that to say in year 20 Crochet Cabana will be having another overhaul. Even though it may not be as useful as it once was, I find I turn to the site myself to remember things. Since not a lot of people appear to be using the site,  I'm not willing to pay for space. However, since I use it myself I'm willing to keep it going at least for a while.

I have moved most of the information to Wordpress. It's fairly easy though there's a learning curve. There are 82 pages currently. I haven't gotten any notices about the number of pages so I am assuming it is okay.

The site is actually active though there are still some things I'm working on. The blog will be part of the site, not separate, so if you have this blog bookmarked you will need to bookmark the other one. Wordpress does have a feature to automatically pull blog posts so all of the posts are there, including the recent ones which I've moved over manually.

If you are curious to see the new site now, you can find it here. I have to figure out how to move the domain name over which I hope to do soon. If you do visit and you find something not working, please do holler out to me. I'm still learning Wordpress. I was so excited to figure out the menu thing. LOL

Happy crocheting!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

more cocoons

I wasn't going to do another cocoon post as I'm sure you're tired of them, but I decided to give all the details in one spot.

These were made using the same preemie pattern. It has a flap so it can be opened and the nurses can get to the baby while still keeping him or her mostly covered. 

I have not had occasion to try these on an actual baby but the feedback has been positive. If you're a nurse or someone who handles preemies, feel free to holler out with opinions.

For these, I used Bernat Baby Sport (#3) with a G hook. The skeins are 8.5 oz (240g), 892 yards (816m). 100% acrylic. I was able to get 6 cocoons out of each skein with a smallish ball leftover. The colorways are Tiny Tulips (pink) and Funny Prints (blue). 

The methodology of creating the flap is fairly simple. You go into the front loop only on a few stitches, then when you get back to that spot you stitch into the back loop only for those few stitches. From there on, you turn your work each round.

Here is the pattern:

Preemie Cocoon with flap  
©July 2017 Sandra Petit,
Materials: G hook, DK or sport weight yarn (Bernat Baby Sport is used in the sample)
Note: If you prefer, you can start each round with a ch-3. It won’t change the pattern.

Size: Working to 25 rounds, with a G hook and sport yarn, gave me a cocoon about 10 1/2" tall. If you need a taller cocoon, work more rounds. The bottom is 4-5" diameter.
Special stitch: 
standing dc (join with a dc) for this pattern only: place slip stitch on hook, hold yarn tail firmly in right hand, with working yarn, yarn over twice, insert hook in specified stitch and complete a dc as normal. (Some choose not to put the slip stitch on hook, but that’s how I do it)

Make a magic circle (or ch 4 and join with a sl st to make a ring)

Round 1: ch 1 (ch-1 does not count as a stitch here and throughout), work 12 dc in the center ring, join with a slip stitch to first dc (not the chain). You can pull your ring a bit tighter now if you're using the adjustable ring. That will almost close your hole. (12 dc)

Round 2: ch 1, work 2 dc in same stitch, then work 2 dc in each stitch around, join with a slip stitch to first dc (24 dc)

Round 3: ch 1, dc in same stitch, 2 dc in next st, (dc in next st, 2 dc in next st) around, join with a sl st to first dc (36 dc) 

Round 4: ch 1, dc in same stitch, dc in each of next 4 stitches, 2 dc in next stitch  *dc in each of next 5 stitches, 2 dc in next stitch, repeat from * around, join with a slip stitch to first dc (6 increases - 42 dc)

Round 5: ch 1, dc in same stitch, dc in each of next 5 stitches, 2 dc in next stitch *dc in each of next 6 stitches, 2 dc in next stitch, repeat from * around, join with a slip stitch to first dc. (48 dc)

Round 6 - 10: ch 1, dc in same stitch and in each stitch around. On last dc, pull yarn through and use the invisible finish off to close round. Place a stitch marker around post of this stitch. This is front side. (Alternately you can join with a slip stitch to first dc and finish off.) (48 dc)

Note: If you want a shorter flap, just work to 15 rounds and then continue with Round 11. This pattern stops at Round 25, but if you want a longer cocoon just make more rounds.

Count 21 stitches from where you ended Round 10 (or your Round 15 if you’re making a short flap)
Do not count the stitch where you joined the round.  
Place a stitch marker in stitch 21 to mark the spot.

Round 11:  In stitch 22 make a standing dc in front loop only.  Dc in each of the next 4 stitches in front loop only, dc in each remaining stitch around going through both loops. 

When you get to the beginning where you worked the front loop stitches, do not join. 

Working behind the next stitches, in the free loops (BACK loops only), make one dc in each of the next 5 stitches. This will put those stitches behind the stitches made in the front loop. This will be one side of your flap. From here on out, you will be turning each round. 

Round 12: ch 3, turn, DC in each stitch around. Make sure you don't catch the stitches below as this will close it up. Also don’t miss the standing stitch. (53 dc)

Round 13 - 25: ch 3, turn, dc in each dc around.  Finish off. (53 dc)

Edging:  With right side facing, starting at lower edge of the left flap, join yarn with a sc. SC in each row along the side. Then sc around the top, then down the inner right flap. Finish off.

Sew all tails in.

Pattern can also be found in my Ravelry shop for free if you want to put it in your library.

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


I've been cranking out cocoons lately. My goal is to make all the cocoons I can make with these two skeins or until I get tired of making cocoons LOL. So far, I've made the ones pictured here plus one more pink which was already sent out. The pink is Bernat Baby Sport Tiny Tulips and the blue is Bernat Baby Sport Funny Prints.

These are going to two places - Heartstrings of Houma and God's Tiny Angels

Although I am using my own pattern, I wanted to mention that Heartstrings has a pattern for a preemie cocoon/sacque which uses a formula I thought was interesting. At first I was like ugh math so I went my own way, creating my own pattern. But then I went back to it and once I actually did the math, it wasn't difficult at all. Kaci has kindly allowed me to share the details here.

Basically you use the length of the baby. If you don't have a specific baby in mind, no worries. Babies come in all sizes. Your cocoon will fit someone. The figures come from that starting point. (See chart below)

The formula is Length divided by 3.14 to get the diameter of your cocoon bottom. You round up to a whole number so using the "if it's less than half go down, if it's more than half go up" you will essentially be using 3 diameters - 4, 5 and 6".

Here is the chart to refer to. Click to make it larger so you can actually read it.

I'll save you the trouble of doing the figuring, however.
For babies 11.8" to 13.8" diameter is 4". That is 23 to 27 weeks gestation.
For babies 14.4 to 16.7" diameter is 5", That is 28 to 32 weeks gestation.
For 17.2" it was 5.5"so I was flummoxed whether to go up or down. LOL

For 17.7 to 20.2" diameter is 6". That is 34 to 41 weeks gestation.

To determine length of cocoon (which determines how many rounds to do) you just subtract 2 from the listed length. In other words If the length is 15", you might make your cocoon 13"'.

Here it is in chart form:

These are just guidelines, of course. For the length, I would probably just get an approximate measure. I'm not going to try and get to 9.8 but if it's around 9 1/2" to 10" I'd call it good. My thought is that if it is too long, you can fold it over. If it's too short, the baby won't be fully covered.

Note that the cocoon at Heartstrings uses velcro. I don't put velcro on mine. My past experience with velcro and yarn has been less than successful, especially in the wash. That said, if you are interested in adding it, you might like to make a sample and give it a try.

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Preemie cocoon

I'm back to making cocoons for the preemies. This time I used Bernat Baby Sport in Tiny Tulips colorway. I've actually made two but I forgot to take a picture of the other one. I'll be making more as this is an 8.5 oz skein. I used a G hook.

The finished length is about 10 1/2". If flattened and measure across, it is about 6" around where Round 10 is. With the flap open it appears wider but really is not when the flaps are closed properly.

Happy crocheting!

Saturday, August 26, 2017


And another scarf. :-)

I used the Christmas at Sea pattern Scrappy Scarf and the Swish superwash wool that was leftover from the other scarves.

Finished scarf is about 7" x 59". I had enough to work a single crochet edging all around.

I used an H hook. Colors are Marine Heather, Lemongrass Heather, Hollyberry, Squirrel Heather, and Bark.

Happy crocheting!

Friday, August 25, 2017


This is a scarf I started a while back, had put aside while I finished something or other, and then came back to. It's made from a yarn cake I got at Hobby Lobby. It's called Yarn Bee Sugarwheel and the color is Go Go Cocoa. It's a 7 oz skein of 355 yards. I used the entire thing. It's 100% acrylic worsted weight yarn, though it's on the thicker side of worsted. The price on the label is $6.99 which is a bit higher than I usually pay but I couldn't resist trying this interesting yarn. I'm sure I used a 40% off coupon though. I almost always do. :-)

I used an I hook. I think I chained 26. The finished size is about 7 3/4" x 60". I managed the color changes so that I didn't have a change in the middle of a row, just because that's how I am. :-)

What I liked about it - each color section was about a foot long, more or less, so I could estimate clearly how long it was as I worked.

All in all I'd give this yarn a thumbs up. I had no problems with it, no sections I had to cut out. I lost a tiny bit at the color changes but that was my choice. 

Happy crocheting!

Monday, August 21, 2017

another scarf

I finished another scarf for the Christmas at Sea project. I'm going to have to see what I have left to see if I can eek another scarf out of the yarn. That's not a yarn I keep on hand. If not, perhaps a hat. You'll know when I know. :-)

The scarf was made with Knit Picks Swish worsted superwash wool in color lemongrass heather. It's quite a nice shade of green. This is a lovely yarn too. I've had no trouble with it at all.

The pattern is the Crochet Mariner's Scarf at Christmas at Sea

The funny thing about this green scarf is that it is made with the same pattern as the brown one yet it took more rows to get to the pattern size, which is 42" long. I'm wondering if I used a different hook for this one. Oh well, both scarves are 42"so it's all good. I know that there are safety issues with the scarves so I wanted to make it exactly as on the site. 

Another funny thing is that the Scrappy Scarf, also on the site, is 60" long. 

Happy crocheting!

Friday, August 18, 2017

wheelchair wrap

I've completed another Wheelchair Wrap / shawl. This Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo yarn in Icelandic is very nice. It's rough like RHSS is, but there was only one spot I cut out and that was on the second skein I started. These are 10 oz (482 yds) skeins. I used all of one and part of another. The pattern at Interweave says 12 ozs. You can also find the Susan Coes pattern here

I used an H hook. The shawl came out perfectly at 18" at the longest points (center back, for example).

This is a really simple pattern and goes pretty quickly. I did this one in a few days. It's even small enough at the beginning to take along. I took it with me to work on while waiting at the hospital and got a good bit done. I added a round of single crochet all around to give the edges a finished look. I came real close to adding another round of picots but decided against it for this one. Maybe the next one. :-)

There's not enough left of the second skein obviously for another one, but if I'd bought three skeins I could have gotten another one with the same yarn. I think there is enough left, however, for a scarf. Of course, it could be used for hats or squares or anything else.

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Here's another scarf from the Christmas at Sea site. I used the pattern SCrochet Scrappy Scarf.

I used an H hook with Knit Picks Swish Worsted superwash merino wool. Colors are Marine Heather, Hollyberry, and Squirrel Heather. I continue to be impressed with this yarn. I haven't worked with wool much with the exception of wool hats for the military but certainly would consider this yarn again.

Finished size is about 6" x  60". I used a skein (50 gr) of each color with a little more of a second skein of the Marine Heather. 

Happy crocheting!

Monday, August 14, 2017

scarf and placemat

Fresh off my hook is a scarf made with Knit Picks Swish Worsted 100% superwash merino wool in color Bark. I used an H hook. Very pleased with this yarn. It is so soft. I think I may have had one place where I had to cut out a piece. 

The skeins are 50 grams, 110 yards. I bought 3 skeins as the pattern said 300 yards. I had a bit of the third skein left. My finished size is just over 7" x about 42". 

This for Christmas at Sea and I used their approved pattern for a crocheted Mariner's scarf.

I am currently working on another scarf from those patterns. The best time to send them items is in the fall according to the page.

As I had a break in the items that had deadlines and while waiting for the wool to come in, I finished the last placemat.


Yarn used is Knit Picks CotLin Pomegranate, Ivy, Linen, and Eggplant.

Size is about 12" x 18". They are meant to be used with the stripes positioned vertically.

The foundation chain is 60. I used my seed stitch pattern and worked 93 rows. If you want the stripes to go horizontally just use a longer chain and work fewer rows. I would guess about 100 but you'll have to try it to see.

I used a G hook.

Each row takes about 3 yards of yarn. I estimate that 300 yards of each color is needed for the set. Of this particular yarn, that would be 3 skeins each. I used 2 skeins to make the three placemats but remember that they're not bordered. I do have a little left of each color.

I used the Fibonacci and Lucas number sequences to determine what color to use when. 
Fibonacci sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5. Lucas sequence is 2, 1, 3, 4, 7.
Fibonacci #1 uses the color order red, green, tan, purple.
Fibonacci #2 uses the sequence green, red, purple, tan.
Lucas #1 uses the sequence red, green, tan, purple.
Lucas #2 uses the sequence green, red, purple, tan.

I do have the pattern sheets written out but I don't have means to add them to the web site at this time as the program I used is no longer supported. That's a long, complicated story. :-) After it's tweaked I may add it to Ravelry.

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

shawl and doily

Off my hooks ...

Last night I finished this wheelchair wrap. The original pattern by Susan Coes used to be on the CrochetMe site. It has been changed to Interweave Crochet. The new link there is I also found it in a 2008 copy at Susan Coes Wheelchair Wrap 

I altered the pattern slightly because the Brava Sport worsted I used is a little thinner - more a light worsted - and I wasn't sure how far what I had would go. I had the most skeins of Brava Sport Worsted Almond, a couple of full skeins and some partial skeins, probably left over from a Who scarf. 

I worked 33 rows in the pattern stitch and one row single crochet for a finished edge. That got me to the 18" needed. I did run out of yarn about halfway through the sc edging but found a small skein of leftover, probably from the same batch as it matched perfectly. 

This is a nice pattern, very simple. I have made quite a few of these. 

I also made a simple doily for a friend. I used Marinke Slump's mandala rug pattern but used an F hook and Knit Picks Simple Cotton sport yarn. 

Happy crocheting!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Recent Projects

On and off my hooks recently...

Cradle sets are for Bridget's Cradles and follow the patterns available to the volunteers. Yarn is I Love This Yarn Light Peach. I used a G hook.

Cradle sets - cradle, blanket and square
The cocoons are made with patterns I am designing. They are sized for a preemie and open so caregivers can get to the baby without removing them from the cocoon - at least that is the intent behind them. I'll find out soon if it will work as I am hoping.

I think the pink preemie cocoon was made with Bernat Baby yarn. I used a G hook. This one is going to God's Tiny Angels

Pink preemie cocoon with flap

Blue preemie cocoons are made with Loops and Thread Snuggly Wuggly Pale Blue. These are going to Heartstrings of Houma.
Blue preemie cocoon with flap closed

Blue preemie cocoon with flap open
I think the preemie hats were made with Knit Picks Brava Sport. The label was missing. I used a G hook.

Preemie hats in peach

The grey adult hats were made with Lion Brand Hometown USA Dallas Grey.
It's a super bulky (#6) yarn. I used a Susan Bates N hook. These are going to Bridge and Beyond.

adult size hat with super bulky yarn
I plan more of the same items plus squares as I get a chance and I'm hoping to make some shawls as well.

Right now I'm working on perfecting the write up of the cocoon pattern.

Happy crocheting!

Thursday, July 20, 2017


The squares are off as well as a couple of cradle sets which I forgot to take a picture of. oops.

Here's my latest work. It's a preemie cocoon and hat.

The pattern can be found here. I did change the edging to (ch 2, sl st, sk 1) to make a bit of a decorative edge. It's not fancy but just a bit of something extra.  I used a G hook.

My plan now is to make a few hats. A few years ago I made many little preemie hats. I'm going to look back at those patterns and see what I did then. I have much of this pink yarn - I think it may have been Bernat baby yarn.

Happy crocheting!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I've been busy making 50 6" squares while once again waiting for yarn.

Some of the yarn used was Red Heart Super Saver Medium Thyme, RHSS Gold, Vanna's Choice Charcoal Grey, VC Dusty Green. I'm not sure what that other one is. I think it's a VC but not positive.

A friend of ours has started a new charity effort in her locale (Houma, LA). The charity is called Heartstrings of Houma. It's brand new so they're just feeling their way but if you're interested, visit the FB page and let Tiffany and Kaci know you'd like to help. They accept a variety of fiber items from preemie hats to afghans as well as plarn blankets for the homeless. All of the recipients will be in the Houma area. 

Happy crocheting!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Welcome Home Whisper White

I found some thread at Walmart that matched the ribbon very well (in my opinion anyway). I am no seamstress by any means, but I managed to take the ends of the ribbon to hold them in place. My suggestion here is to do all eight on one side, then you can hold that bit in place and tug gently on the opposite end to straighten the ribbon. Don't pull too tightly or it will bunch up. One of mine is a little snug.

The ribbon makes all the difference in this afghan. It really is a gorgeous pattern with all its quirks. :-)

I don't know if I did it correctly, but I think it came out well. I'm happy with it.

I decided to tie on the bows so the recipient can keep them or not as she chooses. It's for a little boy.

If you're interested in making this beautiful afghan, see my post here for the links to where you can find it. (It's not mine. It's by Terry Kimbrough.)

Happy crocheting!

Friday, July 14, 2017


I had ordered both white and blue ribbon for the Welcome Home / Whispers of White baby afghan. The blue came in and I put it next to the afghan and was in love with it. I think the white would be too much of a contrast. I went ahead and placed it, weaving in and out as instructed. It was very easy to do. It was a little hard on my back and my knees, but not a difficult process.

Then I realized I had no matching thread to keep it in place. :-( I plan to get some tomorrow and hope nothing goes amiss with the ghan until then. I'm not a seamstress and really have no clue how I'm going to do it but it will get done. :-)

The ribbon makes all the difference! It adds a special element. I think I'm going to love it. I left a long "tail" of ribbon to be sure I'd have enough. I still have to make the bows when these ends are tacked down.

Oh, if you missed the update on yesterday's post, I did contact Leisure Arts about what I thought was an error in the pattern. They say there is no error. I respectfully disagree. LOL In my opinion you need that ch-1 but my suggestion is that you try it both ways and see which you prefer.

Happy crocheting!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

baby afghan

I have been busy this past month. The main project that I've been working on is a baby afghan.

This is an interesting afghan in many ways. In my search for the pattern I found out that it has been published a few places under two different names. The pattern, by Terry Kimbrough, was published in the book Vanna's Afghans A to Z which I've had for years. It is called Whispers of White. It was also published under the name Welcome Home in other publications.

You can also find it in the books Terry mentions on her Ravelry page:
Leisure Arts #2853 Our Best Baby Afghans
Leisure Arts #3267 The Best of Terry Kimbrough Baby Afghans
Leisure Arts #1422 Rock-a-Bye Wraps to Crochet

You can purchase the individual Welcome Home pattern on Leisure Arts web site as a digital download. That is what I did and then I realized I already had it in the Vanna book under the Whispers of White name.

The other interesting thing is that there is an error in the scallops part of the pattern in every place I've located it. heh It's a tiny error - well, at least to me it is an error - but it sure confused me. Once I got that figured out, it wasn't difficult at all. The body of the afghan was very easy to do.

Here is a closeup of the scallops, before and after edging was added. Scallops are made individually. In other words, you finish off each scallop.

So here's the deal about the scallops. In this row I think there is a missing ch-1.

As published:

Row 2: Ch 3, slip st in end of next row, turn; 9 dc in ch-5 sp, slip st in end of next row: 10 dc
In my opinion, it
 should be:
Row 2: Ch 3, slip st in end of next row, ch 1, turn; 9 dc in ch-5 sp, slip st in end of next row: 10 dc

You can turn and then ch-1 if you prefer (which I do).

[Update: I contacted Leisure Arts and they say there is no error. The pattern stands as is. My opinion is still that you need that ch-1, but you should try it with and without and use the one that pleases you.]

This makes a difference because if you don't ch-1 then you have a strand that crosses over.

The chains are in the other rows, but is missing in that one. Rows 1 and 2 use a ch-1. Rows 3 and 4 use a ch-2. 

Things to be aware of in this pattern. Not errors, just things that might confuse.
At the end of Row 1 you do NOT slip stitch. You move right on to Row 2 where you chain 3 and then do the slip stitch thing. This is important because if you add a "slip stitch in end of next row"right there you will be missing a "next" on the last row.

Note that it says the ch-3 counts as a stitch. That includes those that appear to be lying down. :-)

Because I wasn't paying attention, I finished off after the last one where it says do not finish off. LOL It makes no difference, however. I just joined and followed the rest of the instructions. Note that you DO finish off after all the other scallops. Each scallop is made individually. Yes, you have to sew in all those ends.

One thing I might mention. At the corners you are working (sc, ch 3, sc, ch 3, sc). I wasn't clear what was actually considered the corner. There is a dip where the ribbon will go on the sides. Is that the "corner"? In the end I think it should have been there on the sides but I haven't added the ribbon yet so I'm still not sure. (My ribbon hasn't come in yet.)

The pattern calls for an F hook. I used a G hook. This made my afghan a bit longer than it say so I will need more ribbon than it calls for.

I used Knit Picks Brava Sport yarn in Sky blue. I ordered five skeins and used every bit of them for the body of the afghan. I ordered two more for the scallops, but one was enough. 

I had a problem with the skein. I cut out a whole bunch of fuzzy spots and knots. Mostly fuzzy spots.  This skein was the same dye lot as the others. On the others I did cut out a few but not nearly as many as on this skein. Fortunately, I wound the skein before starting and caught all but one of them that way.

Here's a sampling of the fuzzies. Maybe some people would not have cut them out, but I did.

This is what I ended up with after cutting out the pieces. I wound it by hand because I have to feel the bits that are thick or knotted. If I do it with the machine, I miss them.

I did write to Knit Picks and they quickly replied that they were sorry and would replace the defective skein. Kudos to Knit Picks! It just struck me as funny that only the one skein (so far) was troublesome. I have four more skeins in that dye lot. I rewound one of the others and had to cut out only one section. Very strange.

I've also made some squares and cradles but will save those for another post.

Happy crocheting!

Friday, June 23, 2017

placemats 3

Three placemats are complete except for bordering. Unfortunately, I don't have enough CotLin to make a fourth one and the linen color is out of stock until August. :-( I ordered skeins of the other three colors but will have to wait to finish the fourth one until the linen is available. I've tried Etsy and Ebay with no luck on the linen.

Here are pictures. I don't know why they are appearing angled differently. I saved them all the same.

Fibonacci #1

Fibonacci #2

Lucas #1


Yarn used is Knit Picks CotLin Pomegranate, Ivy, Linen and Eggplant.

Size is about 12" x 18". They are meant to be used as in the first and third  pictures (Fibonacci and Lucas #1) with the stripes positioned vertically.

The foundation chain is 60. I used my seed stitch pattern. If you want the stripes to go horizontally for use, you'll have to use a longer chain. I would guess about 100 but you'll have to try it to see.

I used a G hook.

Each row takes about 3 yards of yarn. I estimate that 300 yards of each color is needed. Of this particular yarn, that would be 3 skeins each. I used 2 skeins to make the three placemats but remember that they're not bordered. I do have a little left of each color at this point.

I used the Fibonacci and Lucas  number sequences to determine what color to use when. I worked 93 rows.
Fibonacci sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5. Lucas sequence is 2, 1, 3, 4, 7.
Fibonacci #1 uses the color order red, green, tan, purple.
Fibonacci #2 uses the sequence green, red, purple, tan.
Lucas #1 uses the sequence red, green, tan, purple.

The plan for Lucas #2 is to follow the sequence from Fibonacci #2 - greeen, red, purple, tan.

Happy crocheting!

Friday, June 16, 2017

temperature afghans

I have just discovered a way to make your temperature afghans without going through all the steps I took to make mine. Not that I minded taking those steps because, as I've said before, I enjoy the process. But if you do not enjoy the work, here is an extremely easy way to get your temperatures and colors.

Check out . This is the brain child of Krista Scholdberg. I don't know Krista personally, but way to go! 

I checked the temperatures that came up for one of the afghans I made and they were spot on for high temperatures for that year in that location.

I found this site when perusing Mikey's Crochet Crowd web pages so kudos to Mikey as well!

Happy crocheting!

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Except for sewing in the tails and adding a border, I have finished one of the four placemats I have planned. These are being done in Knit Picks CotLin yarn in colors Eggplant, Pomegranate, Ivy and Linen.

The pattern I used here is the Fibonacci numbers in the order red, green, tan and purple. Well, to be exact it is Pomegranate, Ivy, Linen and Eggplant, but you get what I mean. :-) 

The PLAN is to do a second one in Fibonacci numbers in a different order and two others using the Lucas numbers in different orders.

I bought two skeins of each color. Not sure if that will be enough.

I am using the seed stitch with a chain of 60. If I had it to do over I would use a longer chain and fewer rows. LOL This one is 93 rows.

The current size is 12" x 18" which is what I found to be standard in looking at patterns. I put my dinner plate on it and it fit fine so I think that will work. (It would be turned so the long side is facing the diner.)

Happy crocheting!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


A few years ago I was interviewed by Underground Crafter. I happened across that interview again while going through her web site and thought I'd share it with you.

If you're interested in reading it, you can find the interview at .

As I was reading, it actually felt like I was reading the words of someone else. LOL A few of the places I mention no longer accept donations. SIBOL has just recently been discontinued. Scarves for Special Olympics is done as is Crafting for a Cause. Crochet with Dee blog has not been updated in a while though Dee is active on Facebook and has a web site as well.

In other changes, I myself discontinued my Etsy shop. I still don't go to Tumblr or Twitter very often. Twitter is updated from my Facebook posts automatically. I haven't done anything with the Cafe Press account. Crafty Corral has been taken over by coloring sheets when I remember to post them. I haven't done any new videos in a while though I'd really like to. I enjoy teaching by video. My hands are not as pretty as some of the ladies who share their crocheting skills. I guess I'm intimidated by their beautiful nails! :-)

In crochet news, I'm back at work on the placemats and will be doing more cradles with the yarn I got over the weekend.

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


More squares! Taking a break from seed stitch and making squares with the yarn I have accumulated making various other projects as well as some yarn I bought over the weekend. Most of the skeins are only one skein. The squares are 6". I used my favorite cross stitch square pattern by Kate Smith.

Yarn used is Red Heart with Love Boysenberry and Pewter and Vanna's Choice Mustard, Peacock, and Sage.

I also made another cradle set for Bridget's cradles but forgot to take a picture of it. It was pink.

I still have placemats to make. I also bought some interesting yarn at Hobby Lobby I want to try. I'm thinking of making a scarf with it. It's a yarn cake called Yarn Bee Sugar Wheel in the colorway GoGo Cocoa.

Here's a review of the yarn. I haven't worked with it yet but I'll dish when I do.

Happy crocheting!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Anniversary hooks

I have been checking out possibilities for the anniversary hooks. I personally now have three hooks engraved with the name and dates. I love them all! I thought I'd just give all the information for the hooks I purchased and anyone who is interested can order one for herself. If you let me know you will be ordering and what size and design you are interested in, I can let the seller know to expect an order - though this is not a requirement. If you give them the needed info, I am sure they will be able to accommodate you.

Below is the pertinent information. They are all from Etsy sellers. They were all lovely to work with.

You can choose the hook size you prefer as well as Bates or Boye style.

Polymerclayshed  $16.99 + $3.55 shipping = 20.54 Do a custom listing of the Crochet Cabana lighthouse/dolphin hook with engraving Crochet Cabana 1997-2017 . The hook size is on the top of the handle. This is an H. The handle is quite smooth. The print is hand painted on.

Engraving for You (blue hook with bamboo handle) $12 + $3 shipping.
Ask for engraving of Crochet Cabana 1997-2017
You can see the hook size on the aluminum section. This one is an H.

Unraveled Ewe $25 hook + $5 imprint + $8 shipping = $38
The hook size is on the top of the hook. This one is an I. Very smooth. Fits well in the hand.
Engraving Crochet Cabana, 1997-2017

For this listing you have to not only choose the hook but you must also choose the $5 personalized laser inscription to get the engraving of Crochet Cabanqa 1997-2017.

If you are uncertain what to do, just holler out to me at . I will do my best to help.

Happy crocheting!