Saturday, January 23, 2021

Minecraft and Emojis

I thought I'd stop by and post a picture of the second finished Minecraft afghan and more. Minecraft Pig, Creeper, Skeleton, Chicken, Sheep, and Steve. The finished size is about 50″ x 75″.

For the patterns I used bead charts from MiniEco except for the chicken which was a quilting chart from Rainy Day Designs

In addition to the Minecraft afghans, I recently finished an Emoji afghan. The pattern for the squares are part of the CAL at Mayhem and Majesty. You can purchase the whole thing if you're impatient like me. :-) 

I've worked a number of patterns in the numerical filet as designed by Mayhem and Majesty. Here are a few. 

She has many patterns for free and for sale. I've been very happy with all of the ones I've gotten.

Happy crocheting!


Thursday, November 12, 2020


My two grandsons, ages 7 and 4 are Minecraft crazy. With that in mind, I went a little crazy myself and started making Minecraft afghans. They are made of 3" granny squares. 

The first one is Minecraft Steve with his sword. It is about 60" x 67". So many tails!

Then with even more crazy I decided to do several smaller pieces of characters. I'm not quite finished but have these done. Here are Minecraft Pig, Skeleton, Steve, Creeper and Sheep. I'm currently working on Chicken. Each of these are about 24" square. 

I used a G hook and sport yarn for all of these. Steve with sword is Knit Picks Brava Sport. Some of the other pieces use that yarn also as well as Bernat Baby sport and Premier Everyday black.

I used the beading patterns at Minieco for these. For the chicken I'm using a different pattern from Ten Sisters. I'll add that picture here when it's done. As you can see I haven't sewn in all the tails yet. I just tucked them in for some of the pictures.

Remember that most of my posting is now done at Wordpress. You can still get to it through  or 

Happy crocheting!


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Off my hook

Reminder that I no longer keep up this blog regularly. My main posts are at .

Here are a few things off my hook recently.

The first few are from a course with the American Crochet Association. Some of the stitches have videos. There are 30 stitches in the course I'm currently taking. I'm enjoying going through them. These are paid courses, not free.

The first one is the Bobble Stitch.

This one is the Jeobneun stitch

This is the Cable Towers.

This one is #24 Climbing Shells. Very simple repeat. I used I Love This Yarn #353 Menthe Dye Lot 911010 and an I hook.

You find the pattern in Leisure Arts leaflet 63 Easy to Crochet Pattern Stitches Combine to Make an Heirloom Afghan. This is a 1987 leaflet that has been reprinted oodles of times. You can find it many places. At Knit Picks  the leaflet is on sale as I write this. You can buy and read reviews at Amazon as well.

These scarves are straight double crochet, worked horizontally.  I chained 203 with a Furls K hook and the Woolspun yarn on this one. The color is Forest Print. They are about 6-7″ by about 76″.

This is my Super Bowl scarf. I saw a pattern at Lion Brand to make one and even though I didn't actually watch the Super Bowl, I made the scarf. 

I chained a little bit more to make it wider. For half time I worked 25 rows of double crochet. There were 99 rows without half time ones. I measured it at the end of the 4th quarter section and it was about 48″. I decided to just add more on the end to make it close to 60″ which I think of as the average length needed for a scarf.

I used I Love This Yarn cranberry and a gold that did not have a label. It wasn’t planned, just what I had on hand.

The darker cotton is Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend. The color is called Cloud Nine. The blues and greens are made with Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Emerald Energy Ombre.

Happy crocheting!

Friday, January 17, 2020

More pics

Thought I'd stop by and post a few pics for the new year. Remember if you want to see ALL my posts they are at the Wordpress site. .

The first one (and a few of the others) is from the Unraveled Mitten winter CAL - It is the first square Half Square Triangle. The color changes are a little tricky but otherwise not a difficult square to work.

Yarn: I Love This Yarn Buttercup and Menthe
Hook: I
Size: 6" (I added a round)

Pattern: Bobble Stitch Square #23 from
Yarn: I Love This Yarn Buttercup and Menthe
Hook: I
Size: 12"

Pattern: C2C DC Square #14 at
Yarn: I Love This Yarn Buttercup and Menthe
Hook: I
Size: 12"

Pattern: straight double crochet
Yarn: two strands of Unforgettable - not sure of the color. Possibly Polo
Hook: H
Size: 6″ wide x  60″ long

Pattern: Sweet as Can Be Baby Blanket by D Maunz
(Note: I followed Fiber Spider's video instructions and did ch 59)
Yarn: I Love This Yarn Fruit Salad (It took a full skein and a little bit)
Size: about 19"

Pattern: Fiber Spider Feather and Fan video  (ch86)
Yarn: Knit Picks Brava worsted Seashell (2 skeins and some of a third)
Hook: H
Size: 23"

Pattern: Pineapple Granny by Priscilla Hewitt
Yarn: ZZ Twist white
Hook: 4.5mm
Size: about 10″

Pattern: center portion of Baby Love Blankie
Unknown yarn, probably an H or I hook

Pattern: Give Thanks Tea Towel from the Happily Hooked magazine Nov 2019 (subscription required)
Yarn: I Love This Yarn soft blue and unknown pink

Pattern: Diagonal Trip #2 at
Yarn: Premier Anti-pilling in color Spa
Hook: I
Size: about 12"

Happy crocheting!

Monday, December 23, 2019

Heat Wave yarn

Heat Wave

So I heard about this new yarn called Red Heart Heat Wave. It’s supposed to heat up to 12 degrees when exposed to UV light. If it works as indicated what a great help to those who work outdoors or the homeless who are exposed to the elements on a daily basis.

Here’s a picture of the label front and back. You can see it says this is a “heat generating yarn” which is “sunlight activated – even on cloudy days”. It has the 12 degree Fahrenheit  (6.6c) notation. It is made in the USA of imported fibers. It is a medium weight (#4) yarn and the recommended hook size is 5.5mm which is an I hook. I always find it interesting that the knitting needle size on most yarns is slightly smaller. In this case, it is 5mm. It allows machine wash and dry and is 100% acrylic. The part that didn’t come out in the photo is Coats and Clark address and distribution info.

The arrow points to the CAUTION. “Do not microwave or expose to high frequencies”. I’ve never used a yarn with a caution. How interesting! 🙂

Here is the inside of the label where it explains how the process works. There is a typo in it. It should say “Heat Wave uses a patented fiber that ABSORBS energy from the sun to turn it into warmth, even on cloudy days. The special fibers are spun into the yarn from the beginning so they will never wash out. Heat Wave will keep you up to 12F/6.6C warmer when you are outside …”

I have not seen the yarn available anywhere close to me so I ordered some from Joann’s to try it. You can also get it at the Yarnspirations website  but Joann’s had it on sale at the time for less than $5/skein.

The Crochet Crowd has a nice little FAQ on this yarn that I found informative. With regards to the caution Mikey explains: “Simply, don’t put it into the microwave. The fibres are sensitive to pick up the UV light to activate the heat. This is not a yarn to use for applications like a rice bag or anything along those lines.”

A review on YouTube  – I don’t remember which one it was but just search for Heat Wave yarn – indicated that it is similar to Supersaver in that it is rough at the start and softens with washing.  I washed the three-color scarf and confirmed that it was much softer after washing.

There was another reviewer who went all out and gave specific temperature info. Kudos to Jillian Eve. She even did a video which I found interesting to watch. She found the Heat Wave significantly warmer.

After I read her review I remembered that we have one of those tools to measure temperature. I tried it but I did not get the same results she did. Maybe due to location? I put the scarf and a couple of skeins of comparable colored yarn on a metal chair in my backyard. It was a cloudy day and very humid and a bit cool. I did find the maroon color warmer but the blue and grey were pretty close to the other manufacturer yarns in the hour or so I had them out there. I measured them outside and then again inside. Inside they quickly went back to normal temps.

When my yarn came in it looked pretty much like any other yarn. When I started to work with it, I found each color different. The grey (color name radio) was the softest by far and had less pilling than the other two. The maroon (color name luggage) was a little rough and most like Super Saver in my opinion. The blue (color name swim shorts) was full of pilling and I did not like working with it at all. In fact, I had a small ball leftover after I did the multi-colored one and will probably just throw it out. I hear the gasping. Throw out yarn?? It isn’t enough to do much with and I wouldn’t want to combine it with another type of yarn because of the specific properties of this yarn. That said, Jillian Eve did not complain about pilling and she seemed to like working with it so maybe I just got a bad skein. In her video, she indicated she is more familiar with wool but found the Heat Wave had some similar properties.

Here is a picture of three scarves. They are about 72″ long. I’ve already sent them off but I think they were about 6″ wide.

The maroonish color did not show up well in the photo. It is a much prettier shade of red, not as dark as it looks there. You can see it a little better in the photo where I used all three colors to finish up the yarn. A darker blue would have worked better here I think but it will be warm regardless.

Here are all the colors from the Yarnspirations website. I did think the yarn names are funny considering it is supposed to keep you warm. Maybe thinking about the beach makes you feel warm.

In order: top row: Sandy Shores, Seaweed, Beach Ball, Bikini, Blue Skies, Red Hot, Swim Shorts (my blue),
bottom row: Passport, Radio (my grey), Summer Night, Beach Bag, Ocean, Luggage (my maroon)

I would not buy the blue again but the grey was nice. I guess I’d have to try each color to see how it feels and works. I probably won’t do that unless I find it locally. Let me know if you try it and have a different experience.

Happy Crocheting!

Happy crocheting!