Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year

May 2019 be a good year for you all, filled with blessings!

Happy crocheting!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Just popping in

I thought I'd pop over here and say hello in case anyone is still confused about why there are no recent posts here.

The blog and website are now together over at Wordpress. Everything in one place. The blog is the first thing you see when you go to and the rest of the tutorials, patterns and such are in the drop downs.  I think it looks slightly different on phones and tablets but it should all be there.

I hope everyone had a safe and healthy holiday season. We suffered with the usual colds and viruses but nothing too major. Our Christmas was quiet but nice. We look forward to the New Year. We'll soon see what 2019 holds.

Happy crocheting!

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Reminder that posts, at least at this time, will be over at wordpress where the site is now located.

You can type or for the specific post go to this page 

Happy crocheting!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

new site

This is just a heads up that the new site I spoke about in a previous post will hopefully go live in the coming week, in honor of the 20th year on the Internet. Happy Anniversary to me!

If you've bookmarked you should have no problem as it will direct to the new site. If you have bookmarked individual pages on the old site, you'll lose those.

The information from the old site has been transferred to the new site at Wordpress. I've updated and made corrections as I discovered them. As noted previously, videos are links, not embedded, but they are there. The only page that I think still needs work is recipes. I don't know how to make same page links on Wordpress yet, but that is not a crochet page so not really a priority. 

If you find a problem or error or something that needs attention, do use the contact page or email me at and let me know. I did it all myself so ... I am sure I missed things. :-)

This blog will remain up but future entries will be made at the Wordpress site since it's all one animal, blog and website together. No sense in doing the work twice and I would want the latest information to appear on the front page of the website.

I hope you find it easy to navigate.

Happy crocheting!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

cradle sets

I’ve made a few cradles sets for Bridget’s Cradles. My pieces are plain. The folks at BC add embellishments so the final pieces will look prettier.

The mission of BC from their website: “The mission of Bridget’s Cradles™ is to provide hospitals with knitted and crocheted cradles to hold babies who were born into Heaven in the second trimester of pregnancy.”

Each set is made up of a cradle, a blanket, and a square. Parents keep the square as a remembrance of their son or daughter who has passed on.

The sets above were made with I Love This Yarn Turquoise with a G hook. There are extra squares because these are given to parents who lose their child in the first and third semesters.

If you are interested in helping this cause, you can fill out a volunteer form here.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to work on next. I have yarn for another shawl so maybe that although I’ve been thinking of making squares again. When I know, you’ll know. 🙂 It will probably be something entirely out of the blue. LOL

Happy crocheting!