Monday, February 6, 2012

Jean and Rita

I am busily crocheting "words" in filet crochet for a special young man's graduation gift. However, as often happens to me, I got sidetracked by a query from a visitor to my Facebook page. As also often happens, I got sidetracked from THAT query and ended up re-reading many blog posts about crochet great Jean Leinhauser who passed away in June of 2011. I read many articles but these stood out to me so I thought I'd share them. Of particular interest is the first, which is an actual interview with Jean

Crochet Insider - Dora Ohrenstein interviews Jean Leinhauser

Leisure Arts tribute (Jean started LA in 1971) with a photo (the video leads to a bad link)
Lion Brand tribute

Rita Weiss and Jean Leinhauser were partners in many successful endeavors, including Creative Partners. (That web site front page says copyright 2008 so I don't know if it is active or what Rita Weiss is currently doing.)

Jean will certainly be missed, but I'm sure Rita will keep her half of that dynamic duo sharing wonderful things in the crochet world.

Happy crocheting!