Saturday, January 28, 2017

temperature afghan through April

An update of the temperature afghan for 2013. I've gone through April and started May. You can see the warmer temperatures are more steady. Looks like the next few months will be more orange and paprika. We'll see how it goes. I'm pleased with it so far. 

If you choose to use the seed stitch I highly recommend the cheat sheet for whatever year you're working. It's been very helpful to me.

I've also been sewing in the tails that I haven't sewn over as I finish each month. That will make it so nice when I finish.

Happy crocheting!

Friday, January 27, 2017

2016 stats

This is my annual statistics post, a wee bit late and probably only of interest to myself. :-)

Just as was happening last year, some people are still using links saved from the old site as there were a number of error pages generated. Please do update your links if you've saved off any or make a note to yourself to doublecheck the new site if you get an error message.

Visitors to Crochet Cabana have come from all over the world. Here are the top 25 as presented to me by my host.

United States
Great Britain
Russian Federation
South Africa
New Zealand
South Korea

The Doctor Who patterns continued to be among the most popular downloads during 2016.  To my surprise the Teardrop Afghan (in the preemie section) was downloaded the most with 1158 downloads. Janie Herrin's Drop in the Bucket pattern was downloaded a respectable 389 times. That pattern has been in #1 spot for many years and though it has dropped down a couple notches, I'm sure Janie would be so pleased her pattern is still being enjoyed. The Bulky Men's Hat which was #2 last year, dropped to #6 but still was downloaded 316 times. All patterns can be found at Crochet Cabana on this page

The  most popular page viewed was once again All About Hooks with 4985 views.

Stats for the entire year:
Unique Visitors   148,486
Number of visits  316,167
Pages   470,831
Hits   2,467,306
Bandwidth   72.45gb

All of the above stats change from year to year. They go down some years and up others. This year most of the stats were down except for Number of visits which went up from 285,683 in 2015 to 316,167 in 2016.

As a reminder to myself, here is what those stats represent.
Unique Visitor:
A unique visitor is a person or computer (host) that has made at least 1 hit on 1 page of the web site during the current period shown by the report. If this user makes several visits during this period, it is counted only once. Visitors are tracked by IP address, so if multiple users are accessing your site from the same IP (such as a home or office network), they will be counted as a single unique visitor.

Number of visits made by all visitors.
Think "session" here, say a unique IP accesses a page, and then requests three other pages within an hour. All of the "pages" are included in the visit, therefore you should expect multiple pages per visit and multiple visits per unique visitor (assuming that some of the unique IPs are logged with more than an hour between requests)

The number of "pages" viewed by visitors..

Any files requested from the server (including files that are "Pages")

Total number of bytes for pages, images and files downloaded by web browsing.

That's it! 


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Temperature Afghan through March

Temperature afghan continues to move along smoothly. Here is the picture through the end of March.

Temperature represented by each color. Yarn is Knit Picks Brava Sport.

40s solstice heather (sort of navy blue)
50s cornflower (light blue-green)
60s marina (medium blue green)
70-74 grass (green)
75-79 canary (yellow)

80-85 orange
86-89 paprika (red orange)

90s  red

Happy crocheting!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

temperature afghan through Feb

Here's an update of the temperature afghan for 2013 worked through the end of February. Coming along nicely. The "cheats" I made are very helpful.

Happy crocheting!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

seed stitch and temperatureghan

Since the stitches are so tiny and it makes a difference how you start each row, I developed a system to remind myself what type of row I'm on in my temperature afghan for 2013.

The pattern I'm using is a repeat of rows 3 and 4. 

In all the months that begin with Row 3, the odd numbered days are worked with sc, sc at the beginning and end of the rows, the even numbered days are worked starting with (sc, ch 1, sk 1).

In the months that begin with Row 4 it is reversed. Odd numbered days are with with the (sc, ch 1, sk1) and the even days are worked with the sc, sc.

If you are working your afghan with this stitch in a year where February has 28 days, the months of Jan, Apr, May, Aug, Nov, and Dec start with Row 3. The months of Feb, Mar, Jun, July, Sept and Oct start with Row 4.

I have completed one month of my afghan. It is about 6". I'll repeat all the details on the post when it's done.

I also took some time to work on the specifics of the 2016 afghan, determining how many days there are for each temperature. In that afghan there will be no days in the 40s but there was one day with a high of 100 degrees. (In 2013 there were a few days in the 40s and none hotter than 97.) Surprising to me was that the hottest day was in June! I was expecting August as that is generally the hottest month here.

Here's what I found, in brief for 2016.
50's (25)
60's (35)
70's (91)
80's  (94)
90's (119)
100 (1)

To compare, here are the same statistics for 2015.
40's (7 )
50's (34)
60's (54)
70's (93)
80's (104)
90's (74)

Curiously in both 2013 and 2016 the temperature with the greatest number of days as high was 91. 35 days with a high of 91 in 2016 and 31 days with a high of 91 in 2013. I like stats. :-)

Happy crocheting!