Sunday, January 22, 2017

seed stitch and temperatureghan

Since the stitches are so tiny and it makes a difference how you start each row, I developed a system to remind myself what type of row I'm on in my temperature afghan for 2013.

The pattern I'm using is a repeat of rows 3 and 4. 

In all the months that begin with Row 3, the odd numbered days are worked with sc, sc at the beginning and end of the rows, the even numbered days are worked starting with (sc, ch 1, sk 1).

In the months that begin with Row 4 it is reversed. Odd numbered days are with with the (sc, ch 1, sk1) and the even days are worked with the sc, sc.

If you are working your afghan with this stitch in a year where February has 28 days, the months of Jan, Apr, May, Aug, Nov, and Dec start with Row 3. The months of Feb, Mar, Jun, July, Sept and Oct start with Row 4.

I have completed one month of my afghan. It is about 6". I'll repeat all the details on the post when it's done.

I also took some time to work on the specifics of the 2016 afghan, determining how many days there are for each temperature. In that afghan there will be no days in the 40s but there was one day with a high of 100 degrees. (In 2013 there were a few days in the 40s and none hotter than 97.) Surprising to me was that the hottest day was in June! I was expecting August as that is generally the hottest month here.

Here's what I found, in brief for 2016.
50's (25)
60's (35)
70's (91)
80's  (94)
90's (119)
100 (1)

To compare, here are the same statistics for 2015.
40's (7 )
50's (34)
60's (54)
70's (93)
80's (104)
90's (74)

Curiously in both 2013 and 2016 the temperature with the greatest number of days as high was 91. 35 days with a high of 91 in 2016 and 31 days with a high of 91 in 2013. I like stats. :-)

Happy crocheting!

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