Thursday, December 8, 2011

hats and squares and scarves

Busy fingers and busy hooks. This week I made a few hats. I know these two look the same but they are not. One is a dark blue and the other is purple. :-) I have a small head as does my sweet model here. I think they would easily fit children or a small woman's head.

I also made a smaller variegated green hat.
I think that one would fit a younger child.

Besides the hats, I've been making squares. I started out envisioning 12" but after 9 rounds I couldn't envision it anymore and decided that was a great size! I have 3 finished and another begun. I also have a second partial skein in the same color to work more up. It's funny how as time goes I get impatient and want to be done with it even though I love this pattern, one of my favorites.

I am also still working on the pattern for the shop. I have completed a sample scarf using one of the edgings. The pattern will have many options and additional information. I always try to include as much as I can in a pattern that someone is kind enough to purchase.

I think that is all that's been completed this week. I've emptied out a bin to put my finished projects in until they're sent out. That will save me multiple trips to the post office.

Happy crocheting!