Saturday, May 23, 2015

ribbon lapghan

Off my hook this week is a pink ribbon lapghan.

The picture does not show the color off well but the yarn is Red Heart baby pink. It's a pastel pink. 

The finished size is about 39 1/2" square. Each square is a bit over 12". I used an I hook for the body of the square and an H for the single crochet edging around each square. I left a very long tail, about 3 lengths of the square, to use for sewing the squares together. This worked out well. I sewed three across and then I used the leftover tail to sew the strips together.

The edging around the entire afghan is (sc, ch 2, 2 dc, sk 2) all the way around.

The pattern is my cancer ribbon afghan which can be found at Crochet Cabana and on Ravelry.

Happy crocheting!