Wednesday, June 6, 2012

squares and more squares

My hook has been flying this week. First I made bunches of cross-stitch squares.

These start off with 8 (dc, ch 1) in the center then branch out into cross-stitches. I made a video demonstrating how to make this square for a friend. It's a little long but if you follow me you should have success with it. I have found this square easy to adapt to different sizes as well. You can purchase a packet of different squares (including this one but with different ending rounds and more information) at my Ravelry and Etsy shops. The squares are designed by my talented daughter.

I have ordered more yarn to finish this ghan. It will have more peach and possibly some light turquoise as well. What I did was look at a picture of a bedroom done in a beach theme (which is what was requested) and pulled the colors from there. The finished ghan is for a 12 year old young lady.

The brown and tan squares are Annie's Choice yarn. I didn't have any problems with it. It's not as soft as the I Love This Yarn, but it's not as rough as Red Heart Super Saver. It's a nice in-between yarn. It's also packed in 7 ounce skeins though they are short and fat as opposed to the RHSS which is longer - which makes no difference at all in the yarn. Just mentioning it. It is a category 4 yarn. Perhaps just a tinge thinner than Vanna's Choice and ILTY, but not so much that it doesn't work with those yarns. Not as thin as Red Heart Soft. All the squares came out the same size.

The turquoise are I Love This Yarn. The peach is actually double strand Bernat Baby Sport. I have ordered some worsted peach and will probably use that instead. The double strands came out the same size though perhaps slightly thicker. The rust is Vanna's Choice.

Of course I Love This Yarn is one of my favorite yarns but I can't get it nearby. It has to be ordered or a longer trip made. I picked this skein up in Tennessee on our vacation - along with a lot of other skeins! LOL Their Hobby Lobby is huge but the placement is opposite to the one I usually go to. I went all the way to the back right of the store only to find no yarn there. It was on the opposite side of the store but quite a nice selection.

While waiting for the ordered yarn, I started another ribbonghan with the yarn received from Red Heart. I did what I could with that yarn and am now using the yarn with the bits of green. I have had to cut out one piece so far. I decided to wind the yarn from the ball first in hopes of seeing the bits before use. I did catch one bit. it was a thicker one so I was able to pick it off.

What I am wondering about this ghan is whether I should put one strip with ribbons facing one way and another with them facing in the opposite direction so it could be used either way. The other ones had all the ribbons the same.

What do you all think? I will probably do a 20 square afghan this time since I have the yarn for it.

Happy crocheting!