Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hope Lodge New Orleans

This is not an interview, but it is a highlight of another charity opportunity.

Hope Lodge in New Orleans gives free lodging to those undergoing cancer treatments in the New Orleans, LA area. The facility is located on River Road off Labarre for those who are familiar with the area.

The web site says "The American Cancer Society’s Patrick F. Taylor Hope Lodge is a unique “home away from home” for those who need warm, caring, no-cost accommodations during their cancer treatment at a New Orleans area medical facility."

The Facebook page says "The American Cancer Society's Patrick F. Taylor Hope Lodge is a free service available to cancer patients ages 18 and over traveling to New Orleans for cancer treatment. Each Hope Lodge guest may have one caregiver staying at Hope Lodge with him or her."

The Facebook page is at  and the web site is .

You can read more about the requirements for staying with them on this page

I know that most of the readers of this blog do not have cancer nor are in need of this service. However, that is not why I've highlighted it. 

I was contacted by the activities director, Danielle, who would like to start crochet/knit gatherings once a month or so for the residents. They are in need of a teacher(s) who can donate a couple of hours to share crochet (or knitting) with a small group of participants, 18 and older. Some may already know how to crochet or knit but others may want to learn. Since the participants are patients undergoing cancer treatments they might be there for one gathering or many, depending on their circumstances.

They also need the tools of the trade - yarn and other supplies as they are just starting out with fiber crafts. If you are able to help with that, I do suggest giving Danielle or Lorraina a shout out so she's not overwhelmed with one type of item and none of another. It would be a shame to have 20 hooks and no yarn. heh (Update: some hooks have already been donated)

They will also accept completed items to give as gifts at their monthly birthday parties, their "no mo chemo" parties, and their Hope Celebrations (for those folks who are leaving and have gone into remission). Crochet bookmarks would be perfect for their hope pockets which they fill with small gift items for the resident.

Donated supplies can be sent to 
Lorraina Aldridge (director)
Mid-South Division | American Cancer Society, Inc
2609 River Road
New Orleans, LA 70121

Happy crocheting!