Saturday, May 13, 2017

Etsy disappointment

I do a lot of yarn shopping as you know. I like to support crochet and knitting artists and don't mind paying for patterns and supplies. I have shopped many times at Etsy and Ebay with great results.

I recently, however, had a disappointing experience with an Etsy seller. 

I wanted some Knit Picks Brava sport yarn in Canary but didn't want to wait a week or two to get it from KP so I went over to Etsy and Ebay to see if anyone had this for sale. I found what I thought was two skeins on Etsy and purchased them.

The package arrived in quick time but to my surprise there was only one skein. I contacted the seller and she said the listing was only for one skein though the picture had two skeins. I asked my hubby to look at the listing (through the link in my confirmation email) and he thought it also was for two skeins. 

The listing had a picture of two skeins, one without a label. The caption was "SPORT - Knit Picks Brava Sport Yarn, Premium Acrylic, color - Canary, 1 no label". In the Overview, it said "Number of skeins: 2".

I explained our reasoning. The seller essentially said sorry you were confused. Now, I can't say I remember if there was a drop down box to choose number of skeins but the link from the order confirmation email did not show one. If there was one, I can understand her thinking.

I could have purchased the second skein (which was available but she said was not included in that listing) but would have had to pay another $5 shipping so I decided not to do that. I couldn't even be sure the one I received, since it had no label, was a full skein. I did check the second listing and it still says 1 no label. Clearly I received the one with no label so unless she removes the label from the second skein that listing is also wrong. 

I did suggest she might reword her listing but she said that nobody else had a problem with her listings. Very disappointed in that purchase experience. This seller certainly doesn't follow the old time premise of the customer is always right. I never want to cheat someone, of course, and if it was my error that's my problem.

People who sell through Etsy and Ebay and others who are not associated with a retail business are usually the best folks to buy from. They want a good rating and they are willing to work with you so both you and they are happy with the outcome. 

If you choose to shop at those venues, maybe save a bit of disappointment by messaging the seller even if you think you understand what they're saying. I know I'll be perhaps overly cautious in future.

Happy crocheting!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Bridget's Cradles

I've begun a new project. I joined a group called Bridget's Cradles. From their web site:
Bridget's Cradles™ is a 501c3 nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Kansas. The mission of Bridget's Cradles™ is to provide hospitals with knitted and crocheted cradles to hold babies who were born into Heaven in the second trimester of pregnancy.
This group is different from other volunteer groups. Before you are given the pattern instructions, you must submit an application and be approved, then sign a legal document. That document lets you know what to expect. For example, you promise not to share the pattern. It's pretty straight forward. 

One thing I like is if they find your pieces not up to standard they will let you know what they found wanting so you can improve. I actually love this. Of course I hope my work will be acceptable, but I always wonder if I'm providing what is needed. That is probably one reason I don't often sell finished objects. I never think my work is good enough. I always appreciate suggestions as to how to improve.

In this case, I'm pretty happy with the little squares I made, but think I could improve my little blankets. I followed the patterns sent with acceptance exactly. The Facebook group, which is only for accepted volunteers, gives other pattern options so I look forward to trying those out. I am going to send in a few things first and see if they are accepted, then decide how to proceed.

This might seem like a sad project, knowing that tiny babies who have died will be placed in these, It is indeed sad that these little ones have died so soon, but having lost a baby myself, I think seeing their little one respected and placed lovingly in their own soft little bedding will bring comfort to the parents. It's difficult to find things for a healthy preemie baby much less a baby weighing just a few ounces. 

This is a great project and is run professionally. If you read through the web site, you can feel the love. Each correspondence with them is kind, respectful, and professional. 

Here's what I've done so far.  

The colors used are DIY yarn in Peach, Aqua and Sky Blue and Knit Picks Brava Worsted Cream.

If you want to learn more, over and above their web site, you can check out the Facebook page at 

Happy crocheting!