Saturday, May 13, 2017

Etsy disappointment

I do a lot of yarn shopping as you know. I like to support crochet and knitting artists and don't mind paying for patterns and supplies. I have shopped many times at Etsy and Ebay with great results.

I recently, however, had a disappointing experience with an Etsy seller. 

I wanted some Knit Picks Brava sport yarn in Canary but didn't want to wait a week or two to get it from KP so I went over to Etsy and Ebay to see if anyone had this for sale. I found what I thought was two skeins on Etsy and purchased them.

The package arrived in quick time but to my surprise there was only one skein. I contacted the seller and she said the listing was only for one skein though the picture had two skeins. I asked my hubby to look at the listing (through the link in my confirmation email) and he thought it also was for two skeins. 

The listing had a picture of two skeins, one without a label. The caption was "SPORT - Knit Picks Brava Sport Yarn, Premium Acrylic, color - Canary, 1 no label". In the Overview, it said "Number of skeins: 2".

I explained our reasoning. The seller essentially said sorry you were confused. Now, I can't say I remember if there was a drop down box to choose number of skeins but the link from the order confirmation email did not show one. If there was one, I can understand her thinking.

I could have purchased the second skein (which was available but she said was not included in that listing) but would have had to pay another $5 shipping so I decided not to do that. I couldn't even be sure the one I received, since it had no label, was a full skein. I did check the second listing and it still says 1 no label. Clearly I received the one with no label so unless she removes the label from the second skein that listing is also wrong. 

I did suggest she might reword her listing but she said that nobody else had a problem with her listings. Very disappointed in that purchase experience. This seller certainly doesn't follow the old time premise of the customer is always right. I never want to cheat someone, of course, and if it was my error that's my problem.

People who sell through Etsy and Ebay and others who are not associated with a retail business are usually the best folks to buy from. They want a good rating and they are willing to work with you so both you and they are happy with the outcome. 

If you choose to shop at those venues, maybe save a bit of disappointment by messaging the seller even if you think you understand what they're saying. I know I'll be perhaps overly cautious in future.

Happy crocheting!

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