Saturday, April 30, 2011

Doctor Who scarf begun

It is begun! I started crocheting my Doctor Who (Season 14) scarf this evening as I watched the second episode of Season 6, Day of the Moon. This was part 2, the conclusion of the season opener, The Impossible Planet.

As noted before, I am using the color notations and yarn found at

 I read somewhere - maybe at Chris' site? - that the scarf is 11" wide. My sample knitted piece was not that wide, but I decided to just use Tara's knitted cast on of 35 for my foundation chain and see where it took me. It took me to 10 1/2" which is close enough for me.

Since a crochet row is one pass where the knitted rows include two passes, I am working the exact number she has on the chart. She noted to double that number for knitting. There are 44 color sections. I have just begun the 12th section so about a quarter of the way done. 

I am also working on that Jacob's Ladder that I began a few weeks back and have yarn ordered for the Special Olympics scarves. I also have some leftover Wool Ease, with which I plan to make more scarves.

All in good time.

Happy crocheting!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Doctor Who

My Vanna's Choice yarn came in from Knitting Warehouse! Now that the Knit Your Bit scarves are done - though this is an ongoing project so I'm sure I will be making more for them - I can begin my Doctor Who scarf (while I wait for the Special Olympics yarn to get here). :-) Never let your crocheting fingers lie idle. LOL

I do already have a Doctor Who scarf which was made for me by my daughter, which I love (both the scarf and the daughter). She worked it in filet with the words Dr Who on it. I used it many times this past winter.

The scarf I will be making now will be in the colors of the scarf worn by Doctor Who #4 (Tom Baker) during Season 14. It is the shortest one at 9'. Since I myself am short, I thought that best. :-) I have long wanted to do this, but was finally inspired to begin by reading about my friend Ghost's scarf, in progress.

The pattern I am using is from Tara Wheeler's WittyLittleKnitter. I e-mailed Tara and she e-mailed me right back. Seems like a sweet lady. I have also referenced Chris Brimelow's pages. My scarf will be somewhere in between the two of them I think since I don't have access to the original scarf myself. ;-) I do have two of the episodes in which it appears, however, and I will be watching those soon. Maybe I should do that before I start. LOL

The Doctor Who original scarves were knitted and the patterns I found are knitted, but I am going to crochet mine, in those colors. I did attempt to knit a few rows just to see the difference in size between a knitted row and crocheted row. I had mixed success with that project. LOL But suffice to say I think I can do it well enough in crochet to please myself - and that is who I'm trying to please with this project.

You might remember my Doctor Who afghan ... Well, if you don't, here is a picture of it. heh

I have found another Doctor Who afghan over at Ravelry, but this one is knitted by Carrie Fritsche. Beautiful thing. The pattern pdf is I think 19 pages long. What a lot of work. She put her TARDIS in the center of a larger piece, giving a background. Really, really nice. I love it.

Carrie has kindly given me permission to post a photo of her ghan so here it is. The yarn used in her pattern (free download at Ravelry) is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. The blue is Arctic Pool Heather. Dove Heather is the light grey. Coal is the black. Cobblestone Heather is a dark grey. The way she uses these colors to get the effect is amazing. Really cool. Did I say I love it?

I love mine also, of course, and as noted before I don't knit - at least not anything anyone would want to actually see even if I could make myself finish something.

Happy crocheting!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Special Olympics

Scarves for Special Olympics has announced the colors for the 2012 scarves. They are Red Heart Super Saver 387 Soft Navy and 319 Cherry Red; Red Heart Soft 4604 Navy and 9925 Really Red.

You must use a red and a blue in each scarf but you can choose either type or a mixture of type. In other words, you can use Soft Navy with Really Red or Cherry Red with Navy, as long as you have both a red and a blue together. To put it another way, you can mix Super Saver with Soft as long as both colors red and blue are represented. My take on it is that the Soft and the Super Saver have a different feel to them with the SS being a bit coarser. I think the colors would blend well, but not sure about the textures. I'd have to try it on a smaller project and see how I like it. Of course, someone else might like it just fine. That is a personal thing.

Size is the same as last year - 6" wide x 54-60" length. You can use any pattern you want. They have patterns available at the web site if you want to use them, under Stitcher Resources. I worked up quite a number this past year to meet those guidelines so I think I will be pulling those notes out again. :-)

You can keep up with the goings ons and ask questions at the Facebook page.

I didn't shop around too much for the yarn as I have always had good service from Knitting Warehouse so I went directly to them. Then I decided to give Red Heart a chance as well since they are offering discounted yarn (2.99/skein for either type). Their price on the Soft yarn was the same. Red Heart beat KW on the Super Saver. I ordered RH Soft since I know I can get the SS at my local Walmart if the colors are in stock. I will see which one gets it to me faster since I know I will probably need more later.

No rush on beginning these as we won't know which states are participating until May 23. If you are limited in space for storage, you might like to wait until then to begin. If Louisiana participates again, I will be making scarves for them. I hope they do as with this wonderful lead time I will be able to plan on delivering them and save on postage. If not, I will send elsewhere.

I suggest running out and getting your yarn as soon as you can as if it goes like last year, it will be hard to find right quick.

Happy crocheting!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

KYB scarves

Lots of scarves going out this week. Here's a rundown - some of which you've already seen. First up - the Chevron scarves, one with two chevrons and one with three. The pattern will include both options.

These were worked with Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn in Avocado as the main color and Fisherman as the contrasting color. Finished size of these was about 6 1/2" x 61". It really depends on where you measure these, but in a scarf it is not usually critical to have a particular size.

This next one is the option 2 of the Seaman Scarf. It is worked in one piece rather than crocheting the three pieces and putting them together. Personally, I prefer this way as I'm not keen on assembling. One might say I am lazy, but I am not going to. LOL

Finished size of this one - well, it varies. The ribbing is about 5" x 26" and the faux cable section is about 6" x 18". Measuring these things is always a tossup. It depends on where you measure and what type of measuring tool you use, how you lay it out, etc. That's why I always say "about" or "approx". :-) In any case there is about a 1" difference between the cable and ribbing widths. Total length is about 62" (26 + 36). In actuality it is close to 61 1/2" as the cable sections are not exactly 18".

The ribbing section is worked with a hook two sizes smaller and that is what gives you the difference in width, for the seaman scarf look. I used a J and H.

That brings me to the first Seaman Scarf I did, which was made in three pieces. The ribbing of this one was about 4" x 24" and the cable sections were about 6" x 17 1/2" each. The total length 59".

Below you can see five of the chevron and ripple scarves, including the two above in this post. They are all made with different materials and patterns. For space considerations, I put them in one photo.

The gold one is Red Heart Super Saver yarn worked using the triple chevron pattern. It came out 7" x 60 1/2". It's actually quite a nice, cheerful scarf though I don't know how popular gold is for scarves. It is a darker color to me  than the photo shows.

The blue is Vanna's Choice Sapphire. Finished size is 7" x 63". The pattern is a narrow version of the dc ripple I had on site previously.

The mostly Fisherman with the Avocado stripes is the same ripple pattern, but worked with Lion Brand Wool Ease. It came out 6" x 60 1/2".

For some of these I carried up the yarn when changing color, for others I cut the yarn. I much prefer carrying up. :-) There's that lazy streak again.

Why the difference in size for scarves that use the same hook and same pattern? A few posts back, I mentioned how the Wool Ease and Vanna's Choice are both rated as worsted but are actually different thicknesses. Here is what I wrote then, for your convenience.
Wool Ease is a thinner yarn which weighs less than Vanna's Choice, even though both are worsted weight #4 yarns. Wool Ease comes in a 3 ounce, 197 yard, 85g skein (for the solid color I was using). Vanna's Choice comes in a 3.5 ounce, 170 yard, 100g skein.

If you look at the gauge ...

Wool Ease - Crochet: 13.2 sc + 16 rows = 4" (10 cm) on size J-10 (6mm) hook
Vanna's Choice - Crochet: 12 sc + 15 rows = 4" (10 cm) on size J-10 (6 mm) hook

As you can see, you get more stitches with Wool Ease than Vanna's Choice. Of course, your project will be thinner, but it does have 80% wool so it has the properties of wool if you need that.
Next up I have the Victory Scarf. I did one of these in Vanna's Choice Scarlet and one in Wool Ease Ranch Red. The reds are very similar though when put side by side in "real life" you can see the difference. The WE scarf is about 7" x 60" and the Vanna's Choice 8" x 62".

I also used two hooks for the Victory Scarf. I found the V section was narrower when worked with the same hook, so I used a J for the V and an I for the main body of the scarf.

The last of the Knit Your Bit patterns that I've reworked recently is the striped scarf. Very, very simple pattern. Just straight dc, changing color at the stripes. You can carry up the unused yarn or cut it, as you choose.

Ten scarves with variations in color, design, and yarn. Should keep one busy for some time to come.

I just saw that the Special Olympics will be announcing their colors for the coming year soon, so maybe these patterns can be adapted for that effort. One could make a scarf for Knit Your Bit and one for Special Olympics, eh? Just make adjustments to fit their size requirements, which is pretty easy to do with these scarves.

For the stripes and Victory scarf, you just have to work a few less rows in the center section. For the seaman scarves, the one worked in one piece can be adjusted the same way, and the horizontal scarf you might not have to adjust as it comes out under 60" by my gauge. If you're unsure, you could use a shorter foundation chain on the ribbing, or just work a one less repeat on each of the cable sections.

Three more scarves are going along for the ride if I can fit them in the bag.

The variegated green is 6" x 46 1/2", the ruffle is 5" x 71", and the dark green aran scarf is 7 1/2" x 46 1/2".

I'm pretty proud of that Aran scarf, which I made as part of my CGOA crochet course. Here's a better photo of it, showing the pretty section. It's a little short, but I hope it will still do a good job of warming someone's neck.

That's it for today. Quite a long post. Hope you didn't get bored. Lots of pictures though and I love pics myself.

These patterns will be available in the charity patterns section at Crochet Cabana eventually. Still finalizing them.

Happy crocheting!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


If you can believe this I wrote an entire post and published it before realizing I was at the WRONG BLOG. LOL  I decided to leave it at Crafty Corral and repost it here also. Hope you enjoy it.

Firstly, Happy Easter to you all! I hope you are enjoying this day in which we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

In fiber related news, over at Sandy's Space she blogged about a knitting book she started to read and didn't finish as of yet. She asked that we "Add your name, blog about a book you've read about knitting or crocheting or any book you've recently read for that matter, and remember to add a link to this post." So here I am.

I've read a number of knitting and crochet fiction and nonfiction books. I couldn't possibly name them all, but I do have a few that come to mind.

My very favorite is the Molly Pink stories by Betty Hechtman. I think I have listed them all, but you can use the first link to search for other books by the same author if you prefer. I really enjoyed these. There is a natural blend of romance and murder mystery though you'd likely not think of the two together. heh
Search for betty hechtman
Hooked on Murder (A Crochet Mystery)
By Hook or by Crook (A Crochet Mystery)
Dead Men Don't Crochet: A Crochet Mystery
A Stitch in Crime (A Crochet Mystery)
You Better Knot Die (A Crochet Mystery)Search for betty hechtman

I just read that there is a new one coming out at the end of the year. I'll be putting that one on my list.
Behind the Seams (A Crochet Mystery)
Bendy Carter's book, Dying to Crochet, is a great book. However, it is more expensive than the others. You might be able to get it from your local library. There are 10 original designs included and several unique stitches so you might find the extra price worth it for that reason. It's sort of like buying a pattern book with a bit of story attached, though the story is a good one, too.

Another fiction series, related to knitting rather than crochet is Maggie Sefton's series beginning with Knit One, Kill Two (Knitting Mysteries, No. 1). I read this one quite a while back. If time allowed, I would certainly like to catch up on these. The rest of the books in the series (that I could find anyway) are:
Needled to Death (Knitting Mysteries, No. 2)
Oh, reading the summary of that one, I have read it also so I must have really enjoyed the first one. Here are the rest.

A Deadly Yarn (Knitting Mysteries, No. 3)
A Deadly Yarn (Knitting Mysteries, No. 3)
A Killer Stitch (Knitting Mysteries, No. 4)
Dyer Consequences (Knitting Mysteries, No. 5)
Fleece Navidad (Knitting Mysteries, No. 6)
Dropped Dead Stitch (A Knitting Mystery)

Skein of the Crime (A Knitting Mystery)
Double Knit Murders
Unraveled (A Knitting Mystery)

I was surprised at how many there were in this series. I really need to catch up on these.

Another good knitting series (why are there so many more knitting series??) is the one by renowned author Debbie Macomber that begins with The Shop on Blossom Street (Blossom Street, No. 1). I love Debbie Macomber so no chore to read this one!

In the nonfiction realm, I am still going through Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes . I have to think when I'm reading this one and that means concentrating on that one thing, so it keeps getting pushed aside. I do want to finish it though as I find it fascinating.

Guess that's all. I hope this inspires you to pick up a good book whether it is from the library or a bookstore. Most of the fiber craft related ones have patterns too.

Happy Crocheting!